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What is it?

Animal Stak is a bodybuilding supplement that aims to help the user “get jacked” with regular use — improving the body’s ability to grow new muscle. The makers of Animal Stak claim this is a healthy alternative to typical muscle increasing methods like taking steroids or hormones.

Animal Stak is made from a formula of 27 different herbal ingredients aimed at enhancing the natural production of testosterone and human growth hormone. Animal Stak purportedly optimizes the anabolic environment in the body, increasing test levels and HGH, while inhibiting the production of cortisol, estrogen and DHT.

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Animal Stak Ingredients and Side Effects

The official webpage for the Animal product line includes a clearly printed label of Animal Stak, though there are too many ingredients to list. Here’s a look at that the key ingredients included in the formula:

Eurycoma Longifolia Tribulus Terrestris L-Arginine Fenugreek
Stinging Nettle Maca Root Extract L-Cartinine Mucuna Pruriens

Tribulus Terrestris: A Mediterranean plant used as a medicine for a number of heart and circulatory issues, as well as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Tribulus terrestris is also thought to help improve athletic and sexual performance with use.

Mucuna Pruriens: A bean-like ingredient often known as velvet bean, mucuna pruriens is used to address conditions like Parkinson’s disease and infertility.

  • Side effects may include nausea, vomiting and a bloated abdomen, as well as insomnia and involuntary body movements.
  • More serious side effects may include hallucinations, confusion, delusions and agitation, as well as a rapid heartbeat and headaches.

Fenugreek extract: A clover-like herb native to the Mediterranean, fenugreek extract is used to help with erectile dysfunction, infertility and low testosterone.

  • While fenugreek is likely safe for most people, side effects may include gas, bloating, nasal congestion, coughing, wheezing, nausea and diarrhea.
  • In rarer cases, fenugreek extract may cause a severe allergic reaction.

Stinging Nettle: A plant used to treat a range of conditions from urination to prostate issues, nettle is used as a diuretic and is thought to help support hormone functions within the body.

L-Cartinine: An amino acid essential for the function of the blood vessels and cardiovascular system, L-cartinine is used to help the body produce more energy and improve muscle movement.

Eurycoma Longifolia: An evergreen tree from Malaysia, this ingredient has long been used to promote male fertility and treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Maca Root Extract: A Peruvian root crop, maca has long been used to provide a burst in energy, as well as improve sexual desire and performance.

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Animal Stak Quality of Ingredients

Upon evaluating the ingredients of Animal Stak, we did like that most of the ingredients listed were a combination of herbs, vitamins and minerals, most of which are known to be safe for consumption.

Unfortunately, a couple of the ingredients included in the formula have a few issues. Fenugreek extract and mucuna pruriens have both been linked to some unpleasant effects like allergic reactions, heart palpitations, hallucinations, confusion and other signs of psychosis. While this product is most likely safe for most people, it’s worth talking to your doctor before adding any kind of supplement into your daily rotation.

Additionally, because this ingredient list is so long, there may be a greater risk of different herbs interacting with one another in ways we don’t know about.

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The Price and Quality of Animal Stak

Animal Stak is $48.99 on the Animal Pak webpage for 21-packs, or a three-week supply. The official website recommends taking this product for a cycle of three weeks on, one week off, so you may find you’ll need to buy multiple packs.

Animal Stak is also available on Amazon,, GNC and other online supplement retailers, sometimes for a significantly lower price.

This product is made with a long list of ingredients, typically used for male enhancement purposes like tribulus terrestris, long jack, fenugreek and more, making it unclear whether there are enough of all these different herbs to deliver any noticeable effects.

While it’s hard to find many reports of any negative side effects occurring with use, there aren’t many reviews in general. For that reason, we don’t have enough information to determine whether or not Animal Stak is a safe and effective product.

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Business of Animal Stak

The name of the company that sells Animal Stak is known as Universal Nutrition, but this product is part of a separate product line known as Animal Pak. Here is the company contact information:

Phone Number: 800-872-0101

Address: 3 Terminal Road
New Brunswick NJ 08901

The official Animal Pak webpage is a little overcrowded with videos, text that focuses more on style than readability (black background with white text) and several photos workout equipment. However, there is a lot of good information included about the benefits of increasing testosterone levels and the ingredients used in the products.

Unfortunately, Animal Pak doesn’t outline any cases studies demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of this product. However, the information presented does come across as well informed.

Aside from the lack of case studies or doctor endorsements, there is no issues that come up regarding this company or Animal Stak.

 Customer Opinions of Animal Stak

Based on the customer reviews we found for this product, Animal Stak it seems many people were happy with the results they got from adding this product into their rotation. Here’s a look at what users have been saying:

“I didn’t notice any big gains in mass, but my strength definitely improved. However, I wasn’t consuming lots of protein during the cycle, so I’m not sure if that would have provided better results.”

“I feel like this product definitely improved my sleep cycles, but I didn’t really feel like anything had changed in terms of workouts. When I ordered this product, Amazon offered it at a good price, but it’s now a bit too expensive.”

“Took this product for two cycles exactly, as directed as but didn’t see any positive changes. I’m feel like I’m doing better now, than when I was taking it, but from working out harder. Long story short, don’t believe the hype.”

“I used the product as instructed, but I can’t say that I saw any of the benefits that the product advertised. The formula is great, and does feature a lot of test-boosting ingredients, but it just didn’t work for me.”

Reviews for Animal Stak were mixed, though many people were pleased with the results. While many people acknowledged the formula was a draw for them initially, it seems that really large gains were few and far between.

It seems results may vary depending on fitness levels and frequency and intensity of workouts, which is information we don’t have for most of the reviewers we came across.

Many people who tried this product felt it wasn’t worth the money. The makers of the Animal products also suggest using Animal alongside their other products, which significantly drives up the costs.

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Conclusion – Does Animal Stak Work?

Based on the information outlined above, Animal Stak does contain some good ingredients known to boost testosterone levels and sexual function in men with regular use. However, customer reviews suggest the product yields inconsistent results.

While Animal Pak seems to be operating a legitimate business free from any major customer service problems or billing issues, their line of products does seem to be designed in order to make customers purchase multiple items at a time, and suggests customers buy two cycles’ worth of Animal Stak at a time for best results. Unfortunately, the marketing gimmick takes some credibility away from a product that may prove to be effective for some users.

Additionally, we’re not too pleased this product is made with mucuna pruriens and fenugreek extract. Both of these ingredients pose a risk of negative side effects from nausea and vomiting, to more serious issues like allergic reactions and heart palpitations.

After looking at a wide range of male enhancement supplements, our review experts have discovered that Viritenz is the most effective product on today’s market. This product is made from an all-natural formula which includes ingredients like tongkat ali, L-arginine and more.

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