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What is it?

Androtrex is a male vitality serum that is designed to increase testosterone production and improve sexual health. Their advertising claims that it can raise the sexual desire levels of its users, promoting a healthy erectile response and leading to improved sexual satisfaction.

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Androtrex Ingredients and Side Effects
Organic Tribulus Terrestris (Fruit) Wildcrafted Tongkat Ali
Fulvic Acid Wildcrafted Suma (Root)

Organic Tribulus Terrestris (Fruit): A common male enhancement supplement ingredient that is known as a potential testosterone efficiency booster. The tribulus plant is often called puncture vine because of the long, sharp spines on the exterior of the fruit.

Male enhancement products often incorrectly advertise tribulus by saying that it increases testosterone production, however this is not the case. It does, however, increase the sensitivity of the androgen receptors in the brain, which are responsible for testosterone processing.

Tribulus terrestris can increase the beneficial effects of testosterone such as erectile response, orgasm control, libido, and physical stamina. It is also very closely tied to semen production and can increase not only the sheer volume of ejaculate but also the sperm count within the seminal fluid and the motility levels of the sperm themselves.

Wildcrafted Tongkat Ali: A Malaysian shrub that has been shown to increase testosterone production. Unlike tribulus, which affects how efficiently the body uses testosterone, tongkat ali actually does increase raw testosterone counts in most men’s bodies.

Tongkat ali, also known as eurycoma longifolia or long jack, has been used for centuries in southeastern Asia as a tea, an aphrodisiac, and for its medicinal properties, which may include treating:

  • Fever
  • Malaria
  • Ulcers
  • High blood pressure
  • Tuberculosis
  • Diarrhea

Tongkat ali has also been included as part of treatment for male fertility to improve the sperm counts in infertile men, as well as an erectile aid, and for increasing users’ interest in having sex.

Fulvic Acid: A compound derived from decomposing organic material such as soil or peat that is thought to have antioxidant properties. There is very little clinical data about the effectiveness of fulvic acid, however none of the studies performed with the substance have yielded results that would make this a useful ingredient in a male enhancement product.

Fulvic acid may play a role in helping to re-oxygenate the blood, which may make it helpful for athletic performance and endurance. That ability is unlikely to impact erectile health, libido levels, or perform any other sexually useful function.

Fulvic acid can be irritating to some users, and it can potentially make some auto-immune conditions worse. There are also worries that ingesting fulvic acid over time can increase the likelihood of contracting Kashin-Beck disease, a condition that degrades bone and cartilage in the body.

Wildcrafted Suma (Root): An Amazonian plant also known as pfaffia paniculata or “para todo” by natives, who use it to treat a wide range of conditions. Some of the conditions it has been applied to include:

  • Diabetes
  • Wound healing
  • Immune health
  • Skin disease

Suma is considered an adaptogen and mild stimulant. It is thought to give energy but reduce stress and anxiety, however there is very little actual proof of how this may work. Because of this, Suma is occasionally called “Brazilian ginseng” in promotional materials by some supplement manufacturers, however there is no connection between the two plants.

It is thought by some that suma could possibly increase testosterone levels in men, however there has never been a human study that proves this claim. It is also not known if suma is safe for all users, or if there are any long-term consequences of its use.

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Androtrex Quality of Ingredients

Androtrex has an uneven ingredients blend that may be useful for some individuals and may not be effective for others. They use some of the highest quality ingredients for an over the counter male enhancement supplement, and they use some ingredients that are probably not effective at all.

Tribulus terrestris and tongkat ali are two of our panel of experts’ most recommended ingredients. They pair together especially well, as tongkat ali increases testosterone output and tribulus terrestris maximizes its effectiveness.

Suma may or may not be effective for increasing testosterone, and it is impossible to say if it will be effective – or even if it is safe – until there has been more research done into its chemical effects on the body, especially long-term. It is unclear why fulvic acid is in this mixture; it has not shown any effectiveness as an aphrodisiac or male enhancement supplement.

Androtrex also makes a point of noting that many of its ingredients are “wildcrafted.” This only means that they have been gathered in natural setting as opposed to cultivated on farms.

There are pros and cons for the manufacturer regarding this practice, however it does not change the effects of any of the ingredients and has no bearing on the overall success of the supplement for the consumer. It has become trendy in some circles to claim that things are wildcrafted, however it is more harmful for the environment and may infringe on a number of territory and property laws.

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The Price and Quality of Androtrex

Androtrex can be found through a number of dealers online, most of them reputable. They are available through the website of their manufacturer, Global Healing Center, where they are sold for the following prices:

  • 1, 2 fl. oz. bottle of Androtrex serum: $59.45
  • 3, 2 fl. oz. bottles of Androtrex serum: $113.90
  • 5, 2 fl. oz. bottles of Androtrex serum: $274.75

If taken as directed, this is enough product to last 24 days. That means that its per-day costs are among the highest in the male enhancement supplement industry.

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Business of Androtrex

Androtrex is made by a supplements and lifestyle products manufacturer called the Global Healing Center. If you need to reach them for any reason they can be found through these channels:

Phone Number: (800) 476-0016

Address: 2040 North Loop West, Ste. 234

Houston, TX 77018


It should be noted that Global Healing Center has been cited by the FDA multiple time for making improper and unverifiable claims about their products. They were found to be making claims on their website that could not be proven and that were designed to intentionally mislead consumers.

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Customer Opinions of Androtrex

There are not many objective, third party reviews of Androtrex online, however the ones that there are aren’t particularly favorable. Customer reviews were generally similar to these:

“I tried Androtrex for three straight weeks before giving up on the junk – and without even seeing boner number one.”

“I thought that since it was so expensive it must be good, but man was that not the case. This was the worst one I’ve tried yet.”

“Is it possible for a product like this to make your penis smaller? I could swear I felt it receding back inside me…”

Ineffectiveness was the most common complaint raised by Androtrex users, especially in regards to how much they were paying for it. There were no reports of side effects in the limited customer reviews that were available, however this was a very small sample size and that should not be taken as proof of Androtrex’s safety.

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Conclusion – Does Androtrex Work?

The best part of Androtrex is the fact that they use a combination of tribulus terrestris and tongkat ali that has been proven to be effective in other brands’ ingredients blends. Other than that, there is very little about the product that makes it worth recommending.

They compromise the effectiveness and safety of the product while also wasting money on supplement ingredients that do not have proven histories of successful use. The claims of using wildcrafted ingredients is a trendy gesture that has some significant moral and financial issues when analyzed.

The male enhancement product that our team recommends the highest is Viritenz. The ingredients that they use all have a proven track record of effectiveness for increasing male sexual responsiveness, without any fillers or fad additives included.

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