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What is it?

ALRI Restored is a testosterone boosting supplement that blocks the production of estrogen. The makers of ALRI Restored claim this product can naturally restore the user’s ability to become stronger, have more sex and become more physically fit.

ALRI Restored is a made from an herbal formula that targets testosterone production, while at the same time blocking the conversion of existing hormones into estrogen. The official ALRI Restored website mentions the product blocks estrogen and releases blocked testosterone into the blood stream.

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ALRI Restored Ingredients and Side Effects

While ALRI Restored has been discontinued, this product is readily available of purchase online, and we were able to find a label that someone posted online. Unfortunately, one of the main ingredients in this product is a proprietary matrix, and there isn’t any information detailing what that actually includes. Here’s a look at what’s inside:

Anacyclus Pyrethrum Alkylamide Brassaiopsis Glomerulata Hexane Extract Proprietary Matrix
Zinc Vitamin D3

Proprietary Matrix: An undisclosed blend of ingredients, which is the key ingredient in the ALRI Restored formula. The manufacturer label says 900 mg of this matrix are included in the blend, but we are unsure what it consists of.

Anacyclus Pyrethrum Alkylamide: An Ayurvedic herb used as an aphrodisiac, this ingredient is thought to improve male virility and sexual performance with use. Additionally, it’s thought to help boost testosterone and fertility.

  • Side effects may include tingling, redness and warmed skin with use.

Brassaiopsis Glomerulata Hexane Extract: A natural anti-aromatase derived from a tree in Vietnam, Brassaiopsis Glomerulata Hexane Extract has long been used to treat pain associated with aging.

While there are some anti-aromatase properties included in this ingredient, there isn’t much evidence suggesting how effective it is in blocking estrogen production in humans.

Zinc: An essential mineral used to support the immune system, zinc functions similarly to an antioxidant, fighting against free radicals in the body and the effects on aging. Zinc also helps balance hormone levels in the body, which lowers the risk of infertility.

Vitamin D3: An essential vitamin found in a variety of foods, Vitamin D3 is taken for its bone health benefits, as well as its impact on heart heath, diabetes and more.

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ALRI Restored Quality of Ingredients

We really can’t make any conclusions as to how effective this product is based on the listed ingredients of ALRI Restored, nor whether or not it is safe. We understand many companies rely on proprietary blends to keep trade secrets under wraps, but most supplements disclose what is included in these blends, just not the exact ratio used to make the formula.

Although we aren’t sure what the full scope of this supplement looks like, the other ingredients included in ALRI Restored appear to have some good health benefits, particularly where things like aches, pains and immune system function are concerned. However, one can easily reap these benefits from a healthy diet, as well as a good multivitamin.

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The Price and Quality of ALRI Restored

ALRI Restored was initially sold on the official ALR website for around $30 for a one-month supply. While it is no longer available for sale through ALR Industries, this product can be purchased through Amazon Prime, as well as a handful of smaller online retailers dedicated to supplements and bodybuilding products.

Again, we’re not exactly sure of the entire contents of ALRI Restored, which makes it really difficult to fairly assess its quality, despite a number of positive reviews from past consumers.

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Business of ALRI Restored

The name of the company that sells ALRI Restored is known as ALR Industries, and their information is as follows:

Phone Number: 888-855-7919


Address: 6015 B Unity Drive
Norcross, GA 30071

The ALR Industries website is well designed and really speaks to a certain masculinity one would come to expect as a seller of testosterone boosters, proteins and more. The website offers a military discount and features blog posts, case studies and articles that explain the science behind many of their ingredients.

The About Us section lays out quality control measures, like testing performed on raw materials, and the company has a solid presence on social channels.

Unfortunately, ALRI Restored is no longer available on the website, so there isn’t any information behind this product available for customer evaluation.

There aren’t any mentions of bad business practices or complaints associated with this company readily available through a quick web search.

Customer Opinions of ALRI Restored

Because this product was discontinued, it was a challenge to find many reviews of ALRI Restored. However, because it is still available for sale on some websites, we were able to find some feedback from people who had tried this.

“After using this product for about five weeks, my strength is a bit better than it was before. This is a good hormone booster, I feel a lot strong than when I was using other products, and I’m just now finishing my second bottle.”

“This stuff is awesome! I’m in my 50s and most days, but I haven’t had much luck in terms of supplements. I’ve noticed some slight gains in strength and more energy during workouts. My sex life is a bit better, too.”

“I noticed a slight boost in energy levels, along with some tingling all over my body. Then, a few days later, bad headaches and insomnia. Aggression and energy are up, and libido has increased a ton, I really feel a lot younger.”

“Definitely had some trouble sleeping and feel slightly more aggressive. Nothing really major, but I was able to break out of a long plateau where I wasn’t gaining, due to some personal issues. Overall, I’m happy with the results.”

The customer reviews for ALRI Restored were largely positive, though we’re drawing from a smaller sample size. Overall it seems like people can expect to see some minor gains in their sex lives, as well as at the gym. While there were several users raved about what a great product this was, but they didn’t provide too many details as to why this was so useful.

There were some passing mentions that this product might cause acne, and many of the reviewers felt as though this product made them more aggressive. This may be a positive for some users, while other may feel that their emotions are slightly out of control.

Because we don’t have enough information regarding the results of the clinical studies performed on this product, nor the conditions of the men that reviewed this product, it’s hard to know whether or not this product works with any consistency.

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Conclusion – Does ALRI Restored Work?

Based on the information we collected about ALRI Restored, we wouldn’t recommend this as a good solution for bodybuilding, testosterone boosting, or any other form of physical enhancement. Yes, this product does have some great reviews, but it has been discontinued.

First of all, we don’t know what this product is actually made of. Most supplements outline the key ingredients in the formula, even if they opt to not divulge the exact recipe. While it’s understandable, consumers should have an idea of what they are putting into their system before blinding taking a supplement over long periods of time.

However, the company ALR Industries seems to be pretty

transparent these days, writing extensively about specific ingredients, good manufacturing practices and other details that help boost customer confidence.

In spite of some decent reviews for ALRI Restore, we recommend looking for a product that has not been discontinued, for both consumer safety concerns, as well as convenience and price.

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