AD-3 PCT Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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AD-3 PCT What is it?

AD-3 PCT is a testosterone booster and estrogen reducer made to be used after one finishes a Post Cycle Therapy. It also is made to help reduce the stress hormone cortisol, support GH, and create lean muscle growth.

Their added proprietary formula is made up of 3 separate mixed additives meant to provide a unique benefit. This includes liver support, testosterone support, and GH support. It’s also intended to be taken just before sleep to maximize overall results through the day. After reviewing several male enhancement supplements our review experts noted the best solution overall is Viritenz. It has a potent all-natural formula made to provide lasting results. For more information on Viritenz click on the link cited here.

AD-3 PCT Ingredients and Side Effects
Velvet Bean Milk Thistle Androsta- 3,5-diene 7,17-dione
Gelatin Silicon Dioxide Magnesium Stearate

Velvet Bean: Legume used due to its L-DOPA content meant to add to dopamine levels. It is known as being incredibly itchy when touched. There can be potential side effects such as:

  • Insomnia, agitation, and headaches.
  • Hallucinations, psychosis, and confusion.

Studies have shown it needs to be specially processed in order for the L-DOPA to be actually made beneficial. This includes boiling and soaking, as this also gets rid of the potential contaminants.

The claimed benefits include reduced nerves, blood sugar, and increased libido; reduce inflammation, muscle pain relief, and other anti-inflammatory effects. Also has been used to help improve one’s muscle mass.

As far as testosterone boosting, has reviewed this and found:

“its usage as a test booster is quite questionable”

This means studies have not yet effectively proven whether or not one can benefit from any added testosterone boosting effects. Since this is the main reason why it’s added to this formula, it showcases that at least one of three of the additives requires much more research conducted.

Milk Thistle: Herb used to help supplement to liver, not much information for other benefits are found. It has antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects.

Web MD has stated:

“More information is needed before doctors can say… actually benefits the liver”

Without much more information its unknown if this can actually promote any health benefits. It’s strange that a liver health additive would be included, though it’s likely added due to claimed anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. This has yet to be proven conclusively however, so it’s unlikely to produce these kinds of effects.

Androsta- 3, 5-diene 7, 17-dione: Taken from Keto DHEA, it is naturally made and it’s banned by WADA, the World Anti-doping Agency. Used to help reduce cortisol and help one build muscle.

This is not recommended for those with, heart, liver, kidney, psychiatric, or blood sugar issues.

There is very little information cited in terms of actual clinical studies. This makes it impossible to verify if what is claimed is true about this additive.

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EDITOR’S TIP:Combine this supplement with a proven male enhancement pill such as Viritenz for better results.

AD-3 PCT Quality of Ingredients

There are only 3 active ingredients, one of which is banned by certain agencies. Milk thistle still requires more studies to know if it’s truly effective, and velvet bean has to be specially processed yet it still may cause side effects.

More needs to be added to ensure this would actually benefit testosterone in a meaningful way.

This also does not have any actual male enhancement benefits other than the claim it can raise testosterone.

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AD-3 PCT Price and Quality of AD-3 PCT

A 30 capsule bottle sells for $44.99. 2 pills should be taken a day, so each bottle lasts a total of 15 days of product.

For only ingredients which can be found elsewhere for cheaper, this is highly overpriced. A much more beneficial mixture of additives is needed to truly support clinically proven effects.

The research on all 3 ingredients is either limited, or there has been studies which show there is no possible good effects. Provided here is a list of the most effective male enhancement supplements as reviewed by experts and users alike.

Business of AD-3 PCT

The company is known as LeCheek Nutrition and they ca be found via the following:

Address: 805 Cottonwood Road Annex 3

Harrison, Arizona 72601

Email: Only a contact form is offered without a phone number.

They received a FDA warning for two of their supplements which contained ingredients not considered safe for supplements. They added how there was:

“there is no information demonstrating… lawfully marketed”

It raises the question of why they would knowingly add ingredients which have yet to be proven safe and effective.  This is also seen in AD-3 PCT, as it contains a derivative of Keto DHEA, which is banned in by many organizations.

There are also other sites which market this specifically as a way to get rid of the issues associated with steroid intake. The official website does give slight references to this, which is questionable for any supplement. Learn about which male enhancement pills were featured in the top 10 list by clicking the link here.

Customer Opinions of AD-3 PCT

Here are some user reviews found online:

“good to add as part of a stack and it can help with sleep”

“first week I took it within an hour I was out of it. 2nd week make my muscles look dry”

“price is reasonable for the effects given”

“Dosing was easy, noticed little strength loss after my cycle”

The majority of people who took this did so after their steroid cycle. There were some users who were satisfied, but there were also some who noticed side effects.

There was no mention of any male enhancement support by any of the reviews found online. The majority only had things to say about this use as a treatment after drug use. It leaves a lot of questions unanswered about what one can expect if they simply want other natural benefits.

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Conclusion – Does AD-3 PCT Work?

There are some ingredients in this formula which lack studies on their effectiveness, or they have potential unwanted side effects. Users often add how it did help them after a post cycle therapy session, but this does not translate to actual male enhancement benefits. Also, since there is only 3 ingredients added its clear there us not enough to be gained with such a limited formula. The company has been caught adding unsafe additives into their supplements in the past as well.

In reviewing many male enhancement formulas our review experts were able to find the very best. Viritenz was ranked by both our reviewers and customers as being the most effective male enhancement formula. It contains a blend of proven ingredients such as maca, ginseng, boron, and other potent additives.

It’s also all-natural and free of any filler, preservatives, or cheap ingredients. This ensures users can gain rock hard erections and better sexual performance.

Viritenz is also made in a GMP certified facility to ensure routine quality control inspections. Click on the link provided to learn more information on Viritenz.

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