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What is it?

Youtheory is a daily skin health supplement that is designed to increase collagen production and improve overall dermal wellness. Youtheory is taken orally as a tablet instead of applied topically, where it offers its value in terms of providing core-level nutrients rather than cosmetic effects. Its advertising says that Youtheory is also beneficial for the hair and nails, as well as basic immune health and general biofunctionality.

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Youtheory Ingredients and Side Effects
Vitamin C Collagen

Vitamin C: One of the most important chemicals for the overall health and wellbeing of the body and a key part in a number of biological processes. It is needed for proper immune system functionality, cholesterol regulation, and iron absorption.

Vitamin C is especially crucial in the skin formulation process because it is one of the main reactive agents required for the synthesis of collagen, along with proteins, amino acids, and other vitamins and minerals. Collagen is the main building block of the skin, bones, joints and other tissues in the body and the most effective skin care products are generally those that are best able to stimulate its generation.

Vitamin C is also high in antioxidants, which are key to skin health in a different kind of way. Antioxidants are what your body uses to fight free radicals, the damaging atom groups that destroy cell membranes, leading skin to sag and loose its luster. Free radicals are released or created when your skin is exposed to UV radiation, smoke, and other environmental hazards.

As we age, our bodies naturally produce less collagen and antioxidants and it becomes more necessary to get outside help in lotion or supplement form. Vitamin C is safe for the vast majority of users and is generally side effect free if taken in reasonable quantities.

Collagen: A raw, powdered form of the same protein complex that was discussed above. This form of collagen is derived from animal sources, usually cow, shark, or poultry.

Some potential customers may assume that the best way to increase collagen production is to just ingest it directly, however this is not exactly the case. Collagen is a highly complex compound that needs to be broken down and processed by the body before it can be used, and those component parts may or may not end up being used for collagen production again.

Chemicals like vitamin E or A have shown more aptitude at actually encouraging the body to make more collagen, whereas collagen itself is mostly just a somewhat useful source of amino acids and basic proteins. It is usually considered healthy for most users and there are no side effects to pure, uncontaminated collagen.

There are some slight health risks with collagen supplements because of their animal origins. Collagen is derived usually from cartilage and bone taken from spinal tissues, which is where some diseases like mad cow live. There will always be a small chance that collagen may be contaminated in some way as long as it is animal in origin. Those individuals with sensitivities to poultry or bovine derived products may also be at risk for allergic reaction.

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Youtheory Quality of Ingredients

Barring the slight chance that the batch of collagen you are using is contaminated with mad cow disease, avian flu, or some other form of animal spongiform disease, there is little chance that Youtheory is going to be harmful for any given user. There are no short- or long-term health concerns related to either collagen or vitamin C directly, and both have a track record as being useful to the body in a number of ways.

While Youtheory may not be detrimental to most users, it also may not be particularly helpful for skin health either. Much more goes into the collagen formulation process than just vitamin C and the materials provided by powdered collagen.

As mentioned, vitamins A and E are also required, as are amino acids, zinc, copper, various protein chains and more. Not all of those chemicals can be derived from ingested collagen, leaving Youtheory as a rather incomplete blend. It may theoretically get your body two steps closer to the creation of collagen, but by itself it is not likely to be enough to impact skin health in any significant way.

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The Price and Quality of Youtheory

Youtheory is sold both through their own website and through a number of other online retailers. While there is some fluctuation, in general its prices are similar to these:

  • 1, 290-count bottle of Youtheory collagen tablets: $13.22
  • 6, 290-count bottle of Youtheory collagen tablets: $74.00

In keeping with the limited ingredients list of Youtheory it is one of the more affordable daily skin care market. This is tempered by the fact that in order to really see results from Youtheory one would have to supplement it with another skin care product in order to see any significant results.

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Business of Youtheory

Youtheory is owned by nutritional supplements manufacturer Nutrawise. They can be contacted through these platforms:

Phone Number: (714) 361-4660

Address: 9600 Toledo Way

Irvine, CA 92618

Email: Nutrawise does not choose to publish an email address, however they do have a customer comment form for electronic communication on their contact page.

It should be noted that Nutrawise has recently been named in several legal actions, including one in 2011 that involved mislabeling their products and misrepresenting their potential health benefits.

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EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using anti-aging creams for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Youtheory

Our reviewers were not surprised by the large amount of customers that were disappointed with the effectiveness of Youtheory, however they were somewhat surprised by the amount of people complaining about negative side effects. Many of their reports were similar to these:

Youtheory was NOT effective for my skin, but it was very effective at giving me stomach problems.

“I was taking this for several weeks and I noticed my hair started falling out more and more. I started getting bald patches and was really worried, but then I stopped taking Youtheory and my hair began coming back.

“After two or three weeks on Youtheory I started having some terrible effects – I was losing my hair, my eyes were puffy and swollen, and I have the worst gas! I looked and felt like death!”

The majority of the customer reviews were simple complaints of not noticing any difference, however there were also accounts of hair loss and gastro-intestinal distress as mentioned above, as well as brittle, discolored nails, weight gain, and headaches.

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Conclusion – Does Youtheory Work?

Our team of experts has reviewed the ingredients, the customer responses, and all of the clinical data surrounding Youtheory brand collagen tablets and they were surprised at what they found.

Given the ingredient profile of Youtheory, one would expect the effects to be general, though largely imperceptible benefits to overall bodily wellness. However there were hundreds of customer reviews of the product and the frequency of their reports of unpleasant side effects was shocking.

It is unclear why a product with such basic, well-tolerated ingredients would provoke such a high frequency of negative results. This could be due to a number of factors including impurities in the additives, which is especially likely given the animal sources that they are derived from, the mislabeling of the product, which Youtheory’s manufacturer has been accused of before, or it could be general low-quality manufacturing that makes the product hard to tolerate in many people.

Our reviewers would not have recommended Youtheory on its own before they heard all the accounts from disappointed customers, due mainly to their belief that it would not be particularly successful at actually helping the body generate new collagen. After finding out about how many people have had unpleasant experiences, they would like to actively caution users against purchasing Youtheory products.

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