Tired of Being Tired? DailyBurn and Zeo Offer Quality Sleep Tracking

If you struggle with fitting a good night’s sleep into your healthy living routine, you’re probably not the only one. Daily Burn, Inc., a leading online health and fitness solution and Zeo Inc., creators of the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach, recently announced the integration of sleep quality tracking into the body metrics system on the DailyBurn website.

The integration brings a training sophistication used by elite athletes to DailyBurn users to maximize their fitness. By monitoring quality of sleep, users can see its direct correlation on the ability to lose weight and dramatically improve athletic performance. Importantly, some of the world’s top athletes, like the Team RadioShack cycling team, use Zeo to monitor their restorative sleep —a critical training element that could mean the difference between a victory and a heartbreaking loss.

Multiple health studies have shown that consistent, quality sleep is as essential to achieving optimal health as good nutrition and daily fitness. In fact:

  • Just one extra hour of sleep/night could result in a 14.3 lb. weight loss per year
  • Risk of heart disease doubles in those who get < 5 hours of sleep per night**
  • Getting more sleep increases free throw ability (athletic performance) by 11%

“We know that fitness and nutrition are essential to living a healthy lifestyle, but we don’t always factor sleep into the equation,” said Andy Smith, CEO, DailyBurn. “By partnering with Zeo, DailyBurn can now offer members the ability to monitor all of the most important aspects of healthy living—including quality of sleep—so they can live life to its fullest and achieve the weight loss goals they strive to reach.”

Zeo helps DailyBurn’s Pro level members track their total sleep time, REM sleep, deep sleep and number of awakenings to achieve their health and fitness goals. When members upload sleep data through the Zeo system, it automatically updates daily.

How do you get your 8 hours of zzz’s?

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