The Best Moving Companies in Los Angeles: 2017 (Updated)

Psychologists say that moving can be one of the most stressful periods in a person’s life, comparable even to losing a loved one or being fired from a job. Having the right moving company can go a long way toward making this process as easy and painless as possible – and getting the wrong one can also make it even worse.

This is the list of the top ten Los Angeles-based moving companies for 2017, and they’re all businesses that have a reputation for making their client’s lives easier. These are the people that will help make sure that you get through your move with as little stress as possible, so that you can start life in your new home with a smile on your face.

#1: Pure Moving

Pure Moving is the best rated moving company in Los Angeles by a number of metrics, including a perfect 5-star Yelp rating for 2017. They are consistently rated highly on customer service, efficiency, and care with users’ belongings – but those are all fundamentals that should be a given for a professional moving company. What really makes Pure Moving stand out are not their ratings, but the stories about their service that past customers tell in their reviews. Read the full details on Pure Moving by checking out the review found here. Read the full details on Pure Moving by checking out the review found here.

What makes Pure’s reviews so distinctive from their competition is how often their clients mention that Pure went above and beyond what’s typically required of a moving company. Their stories tell about movers working in the rain, teaching customers packing hacks, and generally exceeding the expectations for what any business is willing to do for its clients.

One issue that often gets brought up in negative reviews of moving companies is that it can seem like movers are stretching the time that it takes them to finish a job in order to milk their customers for more money. On the contrary, a common theme in Pure Moving’s online reviews are customers that are surprised by how little time the process took, frequently beating their expectations by wide margins.

It’s not hard to rank Pure Moving as the best moving company in LA when you hear all the stories of them making extra stops, devising ingenious ways to get hard-to-move furniture in and out of buildings, and overall making what can be difficult process easy and fun for their clients. If the stories aren’t enough to convince you, the smiles on the faces of their clients in all their post-move photos should be. See the full review on Pure Moving by clicking this link.

#2: Excalibur

Known for their distinctive chrome trucks covered in medieval-themed art, Excalibur is also regarded as one of the most efficient moving and packing companies in Los Angeles. Over their six years of working in the city they’ve established a reputation as a professional company that can get a job done fast.

Excalibur does extensive pre-move analysis of the job in order to maximize their effectiveness once they’re on the clock. Past customers are often impressed watching all of the planning coming together so perfectly, and they have a very high Yelp rating that is very close to perfect for 2017, though it’s not quite as high as Pure Moving’s.

Excalibur is rated slightly below Pure because there are fewer accounts of their movers going above and beyond, and they’ve also received a few negative reviews recently. Many reports of their service tout their movers’ professionalism, however there are not the accounts of Excalibur employees doing those “special” things that set Pure apart from the pack.

Overall, Excalibur is one of the best moving companies around, maybe just not THE best, and they are well-regarded inside the Los Angeles moving industry for their quick move times and reputable mover conduct. Their pricing structure is generally regarded as fair, although there have in the past been complaints that the final bill was higher than their estimates.

#3: CalState Moving and Storage

One of the most affordable moving companies in Los Angeles, but not at the expense of being efficient and professional. CalState’s ratings on independent review sites are very solid, including on Yelp, which rates them as the third best company in LA.

CalState is known for their creative packing and through wrapping of boxes and furniture. They have an established reputation for delivering items safely and damage-free, however there have been several complaints against them recently that, despite their unique packing strategies, some items ended up getting broken or damaged in the move anyway.

They have some of the best base rates for moving costs in the business, with mover, prep, and equipment rental costs all on the lower end of the scale. There are sometimes issues with how long they take, however, so the final bill may not always be as low as users hope.

Overall CalState Moving and Storage is a known business in LA that has a very solid reputation. They may not be the best, but they have some skills and can be a cost-effective option in many cases.

#4: Real RockNRoll Movers

Of course in LA, the home of the music industry, there is a company of musical movers. Composed of former and aspiring musicians, Real RocknRoll Movers has developed a reputation as a fun and likeable outfit that can also get the job done.

They’ve gotten their highest marks for customer service and employee likeability. Many reviews mention the workers singing on the job and trying to keep the sometimes dreary experience of moving upbeat and positive.

There are some critiques of the company out there, and their ratings – while solid – are not quite as high as the other companies above them on this list. There have been some complaints that the final bill was higher than the estimates, as well as some regarding broken or damaged belongings.

The relatively new company seems like they’ve quickly established a reputation as one of the most fun moving companies around, however they still need to do some work to be seen as one of the most professional.

#5: LA Moving Centre

LA Moving Center is a respected moving business that is known for their ability to handle large jobs, especially those that require some kind of storage facility. They have a large warehouse that users can rent space in if needed, including secure storage vaults for particularly valuable or sensitive items.

There have been some frustrations in the past with LA Moving Centre’s customer service. It is usually polite and friendly, but some past customers have had trouble getting the answers that they are looking for from their telephone staff. There are also complaints about the time it takes to get quotes for their services, which often take a day or more. The more efficient companies show that they average quote times under an hour, whereas it takes LA Moving Centre an average of 8 hours to respond.

They have a reputation for patient and efficient workers who tend to be grinders that don’t complain or take time off on the clock. While they may not be the best moving company in the area they are still hard working and effective overall.

#6: City Movers North Hollywood

A moderately priced moving company that is well liked for their friendly movers and customer service staff. They have mostly very good ratings on Yelp and other independent reviews sites, with the odd negative review still scattered amongst the positive ones.

What people like about them is the way they make each customer and job seem like it’s important to them, taking time in the planning stage to listen to customer needs and design strategies around that. They are thorough and hard working on the moving day, if not necessarily the fastest company around.

There were a few complaints about city movers regarding damage to customers’ belongings, as well as with how long everything took. Some drivers were excessively slow between destinations, it seems, which can drive up moving costs for customers given their “double drive time” pricing policies.

City Movers North Hollywood (which should not be confused with the much lower rated “City Movers”) has fewer five-star reviews on Yelp than a lot of other companies, but they also have fewer one star reviews than most, settling in a consistent 4-star range. They are a generally good, if not often great, option at a fairly reasonable price.

#7: Rapid Moving Company

As their name implies, this is one of the fastest and most efficient moving companies in the LA area. They have a reputation for diligent, hard working employees that strive to get the job done as fast as possible.

Rapid Moving is good at working with customers beforehand to establish the most effective plan for the moving day, which can help keep down the total move time and, by extension, moving costs. However, they are still not considered the cheapest moving company in the city due to base rates that are generally higher than their competition. Their speed helps keep the total cost down, but it does still tend to be larger in the end than other options.

There are a few complaints of damage, which can happen when you’re trying to move fast, but overall they have a solid reputation as a reliable and professional, if somewhat pricey, moving company.

#8: Grand Master Moving

Not one of the largest moving companies in LA, but still one of the more respected. Grand Master Moving is known for having some of the lowest base rates for moving prices of any company in the area.

Grand Master does not have the same size of staff and equipment as many of the other companies, however the fact that they also deal with a smaller client base means that often customers can get service in a very small window, sometimes even on the day of the move. Their employees are consistently rated as thorough and polite, and their very solid ratings on customer satisfactions sites are a tribute to this.

Grand Master is not the best moving company in the city, but they keep their prices down and are nice to their clients. Their service may be somewhat less consistent due to their size, but if available they are certainly one of the better options available to Angelinos.

#9: Bee Moving

A very decent, if unspectacular moving company with a solid track record. Bee Moving is on the cheaper end of their pricing rates and tend to be relatively efficient.

Their ratings on review sites are mostly good, with a few blemishes on their record. There have been complaints in the past about missing and damaged items, as well as reports of users having difficulty with their customer service staff when trying to resolve these issues.

They have a good reputation with their packing and storage skills, as well as with transporting large, heavy, or difficult items. They were complimented for their ability to accommodate users’ schedules, even working at odd hours to ensure that moves were finished on time.

Bee would rate much higher were it not for those negative reviews, which cast doubt on their consistency. Despite this, most users report good experiences with the company, with many claiming that they would use them again.

#10: LA Moving Squad

A newer moving company that does not have the track record of success that the other companies on this list have, but that has gotten good reviews to start their career.  LA Moving Squad has excellent ratings on Yelp and other sites, and might even rank higher on this list, except for the fact that the sample size for their success is so small.

They have good reports about their packing and transportation skills and have yet to receive a complaint about damaged or missing possessions. So far the majority of their jobs have been completed within the time and cost parameters that were quoted with only a few exceptions.

Their movers and drivers received good marks for politeness and efficiency, and their customer service representatives were also said to be friendly and helpful. Perhaps at some point LA Moving Squad will rank higher on this list, however they have a tough act to follow if they ever hope to unseat Pure Moving, the unquestioned top dog of the LA moving market.

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