Take Your Workouts Anywhere with the Slow Burn iPhone App

The Fitness Revolution from Fred HahnIt’s hard to make excuses not to workout when you’ve got a trainer loaded into your iPhone at all times. Slow Burn: The Fitness Revolution is an app from fitness expert Fred Hahn, available for iPhone and iPad. You may be familiar with Slow Burn from Hahn’s book, Slow Burn Fitness Revolution. The app from Vook combines the weight-loss and exercise plan outlined in the book with workout videos starring Hahn. There are 18 videos total, including 11 exercises, tips on preparing for your workout and more.

The Slow Burn method encourages exercising to the point of complete muscle exhaustion, which Hahn promotes as the best method to build muscle quickly. These strength-training workouts can be completed in just 30 minutes, and can be done as little as twice per week. Plus, these exercises are low impact, which means they won’t place stressful force on any part of your body.

However, like all workout programs, you will have to combine these workouts with sensible eating if you wish to lose weight.

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