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We are thrilled to announce the addition of Mark Pinhasovich to our team! During Biggest Loser season 11, he’ll fill the role of our Biggest Loser Correspondent, providing weekly video recaps of each episode. You won’t want to miss this insider’s take on the challenges, eliminations and even the game play drama.

Mark competed during Biggest Loser season 10 and took home the at-home prize. He lost 213 pounds, for a total loss of 50.59%!

His story is similar to so many – he grew up in a loving home environment, but not necessarily a healthy one. He lead a very active life in his youth, but when he got to college, the activity stopped but the eating habits didn’t change. Nevertheless, Mark found himself sliding down the slippery slope toward obesity, and he weighed 421 pounds when he started his season.

Today, Mark’s as happy as ever, and in the best shape of his life! His journey has inspired him to help others start and complete their own.

Tune-in to each week to see Mark’s recap and reaction!

Watch Mark’s finale interview:

View Mark Pinhasovich's Biggest Loser 10 Journey  Slideshow

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