Revitify Instant Face Lift Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Revitify Instant Face Lift is a facial care product that claims to have the same skin-tightening effects as Botox but without the invasive injection procedures.

Their website says that daily use of Revitify Instant Face Lift reduces the appearance of wrinkles, prevents sagging, and tightens pore sizes. Their unique blend of newly synthesized materials can be felt working as soon as it is applied and is thought to make the skin shinier, more elastic, and in general healthier-looking.

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Revitify Instant Face Lift Ingredients and Side Effects
Trylagen Argireline
Pepha-Tight Gatuline Expression

 Trylagen: A newly synthesized chemical composed of wheat, soy, and other proteins that is designed to boost collagen levels in the skin. The only information that backs up that use comes from the drug’s manufacturers themselves, and there is skepticism from within the skincare community about the extent of those effects.

None of the individual components of trylagen have been shown to improve collagen production, however Lipotec, the company behind the chemical combination, claims that they have performed a study that shows collagen levels may rise between 3% and 5%, which, even if accurate, is a relatively small amount.

The manufacturers of trylagen do not provide any safety data about their new product, which is concerning. There is also no information about long-term trylagen usage, due to the fact that it has not existed long enough for even a 5-year study to be performed.

Given the components of trylagen, it is reasonable to assume that it could be a potential allergen to anyone with wheat, soy, and gluten sensitivities. Possible reactions may include:

  • Swelling
  • Hives
  • Sweating
  • Flushing
  • Trouble breathing

Argireline: A fad skin care ingredient that is often billed as a non-injectable Botox alternative. It gets this label based on the idea that argireline has muscle relaxing properties that freeze the face and prevent wrinkles from showing as much.

There have been a number of criticisms of argireline that have been made since companies started using it more and more frequently. The issue is that argireline needs to reach the muscles in order to be effective, and to there it must first be absorbed through the skin.

The dermis may not seem that thick to the human eye, but on a cellular level it is actually quite dense. It can be difficult to get all of the nutrients from topical products to penetrate all the way through that layer and to the muscles below. This is the reason that Botox is generally injected – so that it doesn’t get trapped in the skin but finds the specific areas that it needs to be absorbed in order to be successful.

The issue with just rubbing a product on your skin that isn’t meant for it is twofold. First, it blocks absorption of the product by the muscles. Much of the argireline never even reaches the muscles, it just gets absorbed by the skin cells where it stays.

This is issue number two, because newer studies are starting to show the long term effects of argireline on skin cells is not good. The relaxing qualities that it has on the muscles weaken skin cells and destroy their outer membranes, leading to sagging, dull skin.

The irony is that thousands of people are using argireline products to tighten the skin and prevent sagging when in reality they could be contributing to those exact problems.

Pepha-Tight: A derivative of algae that is combined with several preservatives to make a compound that is said to give a “tightened” feeling to the skin. This is a temporary effect, and not a product of any real tightening that is happening.

It is possible that the sensation is actually the skin drying out, which would be counter-productive in a skin care ingredient. It is possible that the algae extracts have some anti-oxidant properties and may help fight free radicals that cause aging effects.

It is not known if pepha-tight is safe for long-term use because like many of the other ingredients it has no history of safety testing to back it up.

Gatuline Expression: Another relaxing agent similar to argireline that is thought to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by freezing the muscles under the skin.

All off the same issues that argireline has are present with gatuline expression as well. It is designed to affect the muscles but is applied to the dermis, it may have negative impacts on the skin cells that it comes in contact with, and it is totally untested.

There are no independent studies that can verify the safety of gatuline expression on either a short term or long-term basis.

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Revitify Instant Face Lift Quality of Ingredients

Revitify Instant Face Lift has one of the least tested sets of active ingredients that our panel has ever encountered. All of their main additives have been synthesized within the last few years and there are no third-party studies that verify the safety and effectiveness of any of them.

Beyond that, the information that we are starting to get is not particularly flattering. Reports are coming out that both argireline and gatuline expression loosen the skin and lead to duller, less reflective outer layers. This is counter-effective to the purposes that most people take skin care products for, and our panel of experts strongly recommends against them.

Trylagen is the only ingredient that may have some real use in skin care products thanks to its ability to increase collagen, but again this ability is not proven to exist, and even if it does it is relatively minor.

Revitify Instant Face Lift feels like a skin care product designed by marketing agents instead of skin care professionals; a collection of buzzwords that people have been talking about rather than an ingredient blend that is going to be effective in improving users’ skin.

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The Price and Quality of Revitify Instant Face Lift

Revitify Instant Face Lift is not available through independent sellers and is sold exclusively through their website. As of the date of this article’s publication, the price that was quoted on their home page is:

  • 1, 1 fl oz. tube of Revitify Instant Face Lift serum: $97.41

This is far above the average for a product of this type, which might tempt some users into trying their free trial program, however it should be noted that there are a number of hidden fees connected to that offer.

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Business of Revitify Instant Face Lift

Revitify Instant Face Lift is one of the products offered by Revitify, a skin care and cosmetics company. They list their contact information as:

Phone Number: (888) 565-1272

Address: 102 S. Tejon St. #1100

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Revitify has a 100% negative rating with the Better Business Bureau and there are a number of reports online that accuse them of being a scam designed to get people to take the free trial and then sending them products that they know will not work.

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EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using anti-aging creams for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Revitify Instant Face Lift

The online reviews of Revitify Instant Face Lift are particularly harsh. Here is a sample of what some users are saying about their experience:

“This is a total scam – do not fall into their trap!”

“When I tried to use this Instant Facelift stuff it felt like burning and turned my face bright red. Then when I tried to return it they charged me over a hundred dollars in BS fees.

“By far the worst thing I’ve ever put on my face. These guys need to be arrested for this.”

Most reviews were similar to these in that they tended to echo how bad the product was and how negative their experience trying to get out of the automatic payment system was.

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Conclusion – Does Revitify Instant Face Lift Work?

Sadly it seems that Revitify Instant Face Lift is yet another bogus skin care product that is designed to take advantage of consumers that do not read the fine print on the “free” offers that they sign up for.

There have been a rash of these products recently that use fad ingredients that have not been around long enough for consumers to know that they are ineffective or harmful as a way to hook consumers in to their automatic payment programs. Once consumers realize that the products are not effective they try to send them back but it’s too late and they end up paying far more than they would have if they just bought a reputable product in the first place.

Our panel of skin care experts cannot stress hard enough that Revitify Instant Face Lift should not be considered a viable skin care option and that they should avoid giving payment info to Revitify at all costs.

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