Reddit’s Crowd-Sourced Bro Diet [INFOGRAPHIC]

infographic sampleIt’s the Monday after New Year’s weekend, and the internet is flooded with advice on those resolution to get fitter, healthier and lose weight. One cool gem is this infographic from Greatiest complied from Reddit’s fitness community or Fittit, featuring “broscience.” This collection of the best tips from their readers illustrates how to workout, what to eat and what supplements to consider. As the word “broscience” suggests, the info is geared towards guys who want to go from “fat to fit” or “skinny to fit.” Although much of the advice could be put to good use by women, there’s an awful lot of tips on bulking up—not something women typically seek from a fitness plan.

There is one thing we’ll take issue with in the advice given below. It’s the suggestion to drink a gallon of whole milk per day or the GOMAD diet, as a cheap and easy way to gain weight. Whole milk is a great source of a lot of nutrients, we wouldn’t recommend consuming 2,400 calories of any one food in a day. To gain weight in a healthy way, your diet should include a diversity of foods calorie-dense foods, like meats, fish, eggs, nuts, dried fruit and grains. If you find adding liquid foods to your diet easier, make high-protein smoothies.

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