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What is it?

Progene Daily Complex is a male enhancement supplement used to boost testosterone in aging men or those with low T. Progene Daily Complex supports the body’s production of testosterone to improve sexual function, performance and general health and well-being.

Made from a unique blend of hormone precursors and herbal ingredients that target testosterone production in the body, Progene Daily Complex supports the natural production of testosterone. The makers of Progene Daily Complex claim that this supplement has the potential to increase testosterone production by over 40%.

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Progene Daily Complex Ingredients and Side Effects

While the Progene Daily Complex website lists a lot of information about each of the many ingredients in the formula, there’s no information pertaining to how much of each item is included in each serving. According to the official webpage, here’s a look at the active ingredients inside the proprietary blend.

L-arginine Saw Palmetto Berry DHEA Guarana Seed Mucuna Pruriens
Ginseng Tribulus terrestris Long Jack Damiana Muira Puama

L-arginine: An amino acid used to stimulate the production of nitric oxide in the body, L-arginine is used to help increase energy and muscle recovery and treat erectile dysfunction.

Ginseng: An herbal remedy used for centuries in Chinese medicine, ginseng is used to boost memory and concentration, as well as treat sexual dysfunction.

Saw Palmetto Berry: A berry extract used for prostate health, as well as cough and cold symptoms.

  • Saw palmetto may cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Long jack: Derived from a shrub-like plant found in Southeast Asia, long jack is thought to boost sexual desire and improve performance in the bedroom. This ingredient is also thought to improve infertility in men.

Tribulus Terrestris: An herbal ingredient thought to increase testosterone levels as well as boost sexual desire and performance, tribulus terrestris is used in a variety of male enhancement products.

Muira Puama: Used to prevent and treat sexual disorders, muira puama is thought to increase the desire for sexual activity.

Mucuna Pruriens: A bean-type plant that thrives in the tropics, mucuna pruriens is used to stimulate blood flow in the body, which may help with the ability to produce bigger, stronger erections.

  • Side effects may include nausea and stomach bloating, as well as vomiting and sleeplessness.

Damiana: Wild shrub native to Mexico and the West Indies, damiana is a natural aphrodisiac, that also increases energy levels and stamina.

DHEA: A hormone natural produced by the body’s adrenal glands, DHEA is a precursor to testosterone, and is a supplement favored by athletes looking for a performance boost, as well as men looking for improved sexual function.

  • Possible side effects may include oily skin or acne, headache, upset stomach, changes in blood pressure and fatigue.

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Progene Daily Complex Quality of Ingredients

Upon looking at the quality of the formula, the manufacturer uses a lot of standard ingredients found in many male enhancement products, such as long jack, tribulus terrestris, ginseng and damiana. The makers of this product do provide a lot of good information in regards to each of the ingredients and what their function is, however, most of the active ingredients are listed as part of a proprietary blend, meaning we don’t have any idea of the amounts used in the formulation.

While there are a number of great ingredients known to deliver results in the bedroom and more, without proper dosing information, we can’t be sure there are enough of these ingredients used to create the results that were promised.

This product may very well produce some desirable for men with low testosterone, but it remains unknown to what extent Progene Daily Complex can live up to its claims.

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The Price and Quality of Progene Daily Complex

Progene Daily Complex is sold at $69.95 for a one-month supply, and $59.95 for first time orders. There are a number of deals available for those who would rather buy Progene Daily Complex in 3 or 6-month bundles. This product can can be purchased through the official website, or from a wide array of online sellers like Amazon and, as well as brick and mortar stores like GNC, Rite Aid, Vitamin Shoppe among others.

The Progene Daily Complex website promises a 30-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling charges. They also offer the option of enrolling in a 10-day free trial, however the sample comes with enrollment in a bi-monthly subscription service, which automatically bills your account for $89.95 every two months.

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Business of Progene Daily Complex

The name of the company that manufactures Progene Daily Complex is known as Progene Health and their contact information is as follows:

Phone Number: 866-PROGENE

Address: 544 West Liberty St

Cincinnati, Ohio 45214

The Progene Daily Complex website is full of information, including a page for spouses of men with low T, a low T questionnaire, a number of testimonials and a prominently displayed “As Seen on TV” logo. While it seems like the makers of Progene Daily Complex have tried to provide a lot of information, the site itself is rather hard to navigate. It’s not a straightforward shopping experience, though they have included a video and some diagrams that explain the function of testosterone in the male body.

Progene Health is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, but has an A+ rating despite two registered complaints regarding billing issues.

While there aren’t many complaints regarding the efficacy of the product, some customers have mentioned Progene Health waived the cost of the supplement in lieu of participating in a case study of Progene Daily Complex. Should the consumer not participate, then they would be billed automatically, which has led to some disputes about billing issues.

Customer Opinions of Progene Daily Complex

Reviews for this product suggest many customers were disappointed with the results experienced after taking Progene Daily Complex. Here’s a look at what people had to say:

“Took pills as directed for a month, so far, I have gotten a bit more energy, but also headaches, trouble sleeping and I’m extremely thirsty. Not sure why there are 5 star reviews, but fails to deliver.”

“After using Progene Daily Complex for a few weeks, my liver became severely inflamed. I’ve since been hospitalized for both high liver enzymes and hyperbilirubinemia.” 

 “This product did not work and was a complete waste of money. I didn’t experience any changes at all. You really should see a doctor if you are looking for meaningful results.”

Overall, customer reviews for Progene Daily Complex suggest that the supplement hasn’t provided the level of results promised on the company’s website. Many customers said they simply didn’t notice much of an effect on their energy levels or improvements in their sex lives, while others mentioned that they felt strange after taking the supplement, citing poor sleep, headaches and nausea after taking. Based on this information, it remains unclear as to whether or not this is an effective product.

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Conclusion – Does Progene Daily Complex Work?

Overall, Progene Daily Complex seems like it may produce some mild results in men with low testosterone. The supplement is carried in a number of stores and has a comprehensive website that offers a layer of transparency.

What we didn’t like about Progene Daily Complex was that the formula contains a very long list of ingredients and does not disclose the measurements of the majority of them. Additionally, ingredients like saw palmetto and mucuna pruriens may cause some adverse effects with use. Progene Daily Complex has been created in order to produce long term effects on the body’s testosterone reserves, though it does contain some ingredients known to help with libido and erectile function.

There is no solid evidence that this product has the ability to increase testosterone levels by 40% or more as promised. Progene Daily Complex may prove beneficial in men with low T who want a bit more energy, but for those looking to revamp their sex life with little time commitment, there are better male enhancement options out there.

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