Oprah Launches Her Best Life Week

Just last month, Oprah Winfrey confessed to once again topping the scales at 200 pounds as she continues to endure a life-long battle with food, weight and her body. True to her honest and always helpful candor, Oprah has taken her battle public in the hopes of not just improving her own life and health but for anyone else who wants to take more control over their own lives in 2009 as part of her Best Life challenge.

Starting on Monday, January 5, 2009, Oprah will feature five days of Best Life shows that showcase Oprah’s favorite medical professionals, fitness gurus, financial coaches and nutrition experts. Here is a snapshot of what to expect in the week to come:
Oprah’s weight loss coach Bob Greene will be on hand to help you jump start a successful exercise and eating program that will realize your weight loss goals, once and for all.

One of the most recognizable doctors, Dr. Mehmet Oz will be sharing practical and effective tips and information for you to improve your health. He’ll tell you how to take the best care of your body in 2009 whether it’s eating the right foods or reducing your risk of heart disease.

Oprah’s spiritual experts like Elizabeth Lesser, co-founder of the Omega Institute, will be on hand with other spiritual counselors to help you find more enrichment in your life. Whether you have low self-esteem, work in a dead-end job or covet a creative outlet, you’ll get the guidance and support you need to deepen the meaning in your life this year and beyond.

Financial coach Suze Orman will help you sort through your financial woes and incorporate money-saving values so that you can be on your way to discovering financial freedom this year, despite the dismal economy.

Each day of Oprah’s Best Life Series will feature one of these topics so be sure you catch the ones that you have a real interest in.

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  1. One of the problems with Dr. Oz’s weight-loss book is that he doesn’t tell you what to do after you reach his recommended waist size. People left floundering there will naturally tend to regain the lost weight.

    He’ll correct this in the second edition.


  2. Look, if having all the professional help in the world made any difference why are we all going on Oprah’s roller coaster again – and it’s not the first time. Oprah does fantastic work. I’m glad to see that her team involves a spiritual advisor and a whole lot more than Bob Greene – because where Oprah goes ka-zillions will follow. And if there’s one thing this planet needs when it comes to this whole weight lark, it’s changing the definition of what ‘works’ from merely losing weight to encompass a whole lot more than that.

  3. Lori Saulisbury says:


    I watch your show today and I
    could see myself in you, for
    years I have been trying to lose weight.
    my weight is 235 pounds, I has been
    like that for years and no matter what I
    do it remains the same.

    I am looking forward to changing my habits.
    Even though it will be a challenge, but I strongly believe
    I will be a champion.

    Girl I have prayed, cry and even wanted to die.
    But you said something that gave me HOPE.
    God bless my body to work for me.

    We really should be dead all of the things we have gone through
    because of what human nature would say but, God Said “BODY HELP THIS ONE TO LIVE.” And I feel like you I am grateful for my BODY. See you in the classroom I am looking forward to my lessons

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