Luxoderm Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Luxoderm is a skin tonic cream that is used to make skin firmer. It also is made to treat rough skin, cellulite, wrinkles, and double chins.

This is made with all natural ingredients made to reduce bumps and lumps by up to 72% within the first 6 weeks of use. They also add how their formula is all natural and made to produce noticeable results. Our review experts have found that the most effective anti-wrinkle cream is Kremotex. It has a potent formula which users say can deliver noticeable results. Discover more about Kremotex by following the link cited here.

Luxoderm Ingredients and Side Effects

No mention of the ingredients is added. The official website adds:

“Made with 100% Natural ingredients”

They also add pictures of a few ingredients which appear to be carrots, walnuts, some sort of oil, and an herb which might be mint.

Still, it’s impossible for one to determine exactly what’s added. Without being able to look at a full ingredients list you’re unable to tell if what you’re taking will actually work.

Many beneficial claims are made about the use of this product, but there’s no telling if this is actually true. Certain additives can lead to unwanted symptoms or a lack of benefits. It’s highly important to be able to read what’s added to determine if this is quality. Our review experts have cited a list of the best anti-wrinkle creams available.

Luxoderm Quality of Ingredients

You’re not able to determine if this is quality without being able to examine the additives. Relying only on claims is not advised, there needs to be some more evidence cited to determine if what you’re buying is quality.

It’s not mentioned anywhere why they failed to cite any of their additives. You have to examine what ingredients to determine for certain if it’s safe, effective, and likely to produce long lasting results.

They do add on their FAQ section:

“relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction… It does not mean it won’t”

They mention that their all natural ingredients have not been altered from their natural state. There’s also a claim that this is unlikely but not proven to be free of causing any side effects. Still, one has to be able to examine the additives to help determine whether or not what’s added is actually a quality ingredients list. Cited in this link is our list of the top ranked anti-wrinkle creams.

The Price and Quality of Luxoderm

One jar costs $79.95. They also add how you can use a 2 month trial, but this turns into an automatic month to month trial if one is not careful to cancel within the trial period.

This is a hidden practice which is not advertised on the front of the page. There is a possibility for automatic charges which are contractual. This is because they add hidden terms which are impossible to escape from if one does not cancel within the allowed time.

While there are claimed natural ingredients, the company has failed to list any other websites online.

They do add how 100% natural additives are added, but this is not enough to satisfy demands on what’s actually added. There still can be side effects and a lack of skin benefits even if a formula is natural. One needs to read the full ingredients list to determine if what one is buying is safe and effective. This makes it impossible to determine the overall quality of this.

Provided in this link is a list featuring the best anti-wrinkle formulas on the market.

Business of Luxoderm

The name of the company is Ojas Enterprises LLC and their listed contact information is:

Address: 87 Taft Ave

Newburgh, New York 12550

Phone Number: (866) 855-9006


A 30 da return is offered but only on unopened products which are sent back. This also comes with a $10 restocking fee if one returns more than a single container.

Therefore, if you were to buy 2 containers and find that that the 1st one did nothing you’d get a refund on just one unopened container which also comes with a fee. No return is offered on any opened packages.

You also have to pay for a $4.95 shipping and handling.

The company has a C rating on their Better Business Bureau company page. The BBB has added:

“concerns about the firm’s advertisement”

“this business has a pattern of complaints concerning advertising and billing issues”

This includes a total of 304 customer complaints. Here’s what some users had to say:

“signed up for a free trial and was given no indication this would be a subscription… disputed over $300 in charges”

“I called in to cancel my subscription and the lady kept asking me about keeping it open to save more”

“like their other customers I fell into their scams. Returned it over a month ago and am still unable to get my money back”

There were severely serious complaints against the company for issues related to billing and unfair practices. Many were enrolled into an automatic billing without their consent first. This resulted in billing of $300 or more for some users.  Click the link cited here to learn about which anti-wrinkle formulas were rated as the best overall.

EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using anti-aging creams for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Luxoderm

Provided here are a few select user reviews found online:

“whatever this is meant to do, this does not do its job”

“did not see any of the claimed results. I am very disappointed for the price paid”

“this did nothing for me. I found it was unnecessary to use”

“I see no changes at all”

The majority of user experiences were negative. There were complaints about people not seeing any of the claimed results. Some actually ended up with worsened skin.  Even those who made sure to use it daily added how it did not improve their skin.

A few users did say they liked using it, but it’s unclear if it actually benefited them in the long term, or if it actually was safe to use.

The link provided has a comprehensive list of the top ranked anti-wrinkle creams.

Conclusion – Does Luxoderm Work?

This brand fails to cite an ingredients list and has a questionable business practice. Hundreds of users have commented on how this company automatically charged them without due notice. People added how suddenly there were hundred dollar charges on their account. The company was not helpful as they often try to give alternatives that keep one having to purchase their brands. There is also a majority of negative reviews from users who failed to benefit from this.

Our review experts have found that the most effective anti-wrinkle cream is Kremotex. It has a potent all natural formula of ingredients like shea butter, apple stem cells, and macadamia oils. This formula has been shown to have numerous skincare benefits.

Users have also commented on how it benefited their skin, and they’ve provided before and after photos to showcase glowing results. People have added how it’s easy to apply, won’t cog skin, and can help regenerate collagen. To learn more about Kremotex, click on the link provided here.

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