Longinexx Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Longinexx is a male enhancement supplement that claims it can increase penile size within three to four weeks of use. The makers of Longinexx mention on their webpage, that men have reported size gains anywhere from 10% to 35% of their original size.

Made from a blend of herbal ingredients, Longinexx claims its power comes from rapid expansion technology in the form of a vasodilation compound that opens up the blood vessels in the penis allowing for maximum growth. The supplement is also supposed to increase sexual desire and performance, as well as confidence due to a larger penis.

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Longinexx Ingredients and Side Effects

While the official website does not provide a list of the ingredients included in Longinexx, opting to use vague language instead, we were able to find a list of ingredients someone uploaded after purchasing the product.

Yohimbe Bark Tribulus terrestris Long Jack
Butea Superba Cnidium Monnier

Tribulus terrestris: A fruit-producing plant from the Mediterranean, tribulus terrestris is used to enhance sexual function and boost athletic performance. It is also thought to help treat infertility in men.

Long jack: A Malaysian aphrodisiac used to treat male infertility and increase testosterone levels.

Butea superba: Derived from a vine grown across Asia, butea superba is used to treat problems with sexual health and low libido.

  • According to WebMD, not much is known regarding the safety, efficacy or side effects of butea superba.

Cnidium monnier: Used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, cnidium monnier is thought to treat erectile dysfunction, infertility, and help achieve better results for body builders.

Yohimbe bark: An evergreen tree from Africa whose bark contains a chemical known as yohimbine, which is widely used as a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction, athletic performance and more.

  • Side effects associated with yohimbe may include dizziness, nausea, anxiety, sleeplessness, headache, tremors and vomiting.
  • In more severe cases, yohimbe may be linked to kidney failure, seizures, heart attacks, irregular heart beats and more.

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EDITOR’S TIP:Combine this supplement with a proven male enhancement pill such as Viritenz for better results.

Longinexx Quality of Ingredients

Upon looking at the quality Longinexx’s formula, primary issue is here is the official website doesn’t make any direct mentions of what is included in the formula. As a result, we can’t fairly evaluate the dosing or efficacy of this product. There are some good ingredients included, according to the list we were able to look at — long jack and tribulus terrestris are safe and proven herbal ingredients that you’ll find in a wide range of male enhancement products. However, yohimbe bark is another key ingredient, and is thought to cause some adverse side effects like heart palpitations, nausea, vomiting and more.

While we don’t know how much yohimbe is actually included in the Longinexx formula, it may be wise for men suffering from heart conditions or other health problems to look for another male enhancement solution that does not include this ingredient.

Lastly, it is unclear which of these ingredients is thought to increase the size of the penis. There is no evidence suggesting anything listed above has the ability to cause penile growth, though users may see some improvements in the ability to achieve an erection or a greater appetite for sex.

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The Price and Quality of Longinexx

Longinexx is sold at $39.99 for a single bottle containing a one-month supply, and offers the option to purchase more product at a time, with 3, 5 and 7 month supplies. The more you buy, the deeper the discount. In addition to the official product website, Longinexx can be purchased through Amazon.com and eBay, though it doesn’t seem to be available in any major brick and mortar stores.

The Longinexx website offers a 100% money-back guarantee, and accept returns within 60 days of purchase with proper documentation. The product ships in discreet packaging within 48 hours of placing the order.

While the formula does contain some good ingredients like B vitamins and D-aspartic acid, it is still unclear whether this product is effective in producing any meaningful results in the bedroom. Additionally, it’s worth pointing out that many of these nutrients can be obtained through eating properly or taking lower cost supplements.

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Business of Longinexx

The name of the company that manufactures Longinexx is known as Dartford Kent Laboratories and their contact information is as follows:

Phone Number: 800-799-6384

Address: Dartford Kent Laboratories

Unit 10, 14-17
Caldonian Road

P O Box 212
London, England 

Email: support@dartfordkent.com

The official Longinexx has a number of pages available, FAQs, customer service and more, which at first glance adds some credibility to the site. However, there is not a lot of scientific information, nor many details regarding the ingredients used to make this product, nor how it actually works. The makers of Longinexx, toss around a lot of buzzwords like “rapid expansion technology,” “number one rated by the scientific community,” “male augmentation formula,” etc. There is no mention of who rated this product #1, or any links to an expert review or clinical study.

While it remains to be seen whether or not Longinexx lives up to the promises of penile growth it advertises on the website and elsewhere, they do offer an unconditional money-back guarantee, less shipping.

Based on the above information, it remains unclear whether or not Longinexx is actually able to grow penile tissue up to 35%.

Customer Opinions of Longinexx

Customer opinions of this product were largely negative. Here’s a look at what people had to say after trying Longinexx:

“I could have used the money for something else, I feel like this company takes advantage of customers looking for a solution, did not work at all.”

“This product just didn’t meet my needs for my performance, stamina, and most of all length. Yes, you will notice a stiffness but its not worth the price.”

“The customer service is really terrible, as is the product. There is literally nothing inside these pills, and I feel like I just wasted $100 on a three-month supply.”

“Longinexx doesn’t work at all, save yourself the headache, and just try surgery or a penis extender if you’re serious about enhancement.”

Most of the consumer feedback for Longinexx was negative, suggesting that there was little payoff for the amount of money spent on the product, as well as the time spent waiting for results. Most people did not notice any changes after using, even after taking the supplement for a couple months as suggested. Based on the feedback above, it seems like there are better options out there for men looking for penile growth.

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Conclusion – Does Longinexx Work?

As a male enhancement product, Longinexx contains some good ingredients that have been known to help boost sexual performance, increase desire and improve the ability to achieve an erection. However, claims from Dartford Kent that this supplement can actually increase penis size in just a few weeks seems exaggerated at best.

According to customer reviews for this product, many users felt some mild effects after taking this supplement, such as more defined muscles, a boost in energy, or the ability to work out a bit longer than usual. Unfortunately, these effects only last if the supplement is taken on a regular basis, as there were several reports that the effects had worn off after a week or so they had stopped taking. Longinexx is intended to work in three to four weeks’ time, so this may not be the best solution for men looking for a sexual boost right before an intimate encounter.

Because this formula is reasonably priced and contains ingredients like L-arginine and tribulus terrestris, Longinexx may be worth a try for men looking for a supplement to help alleviate symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Our main problem, is this product may have some misleading advertising. This product could very well lead to stronger erections and an improved libido, but any supplement that claims it can make the penis actually increase in size is likely using false advertising to generate sales.

After looking at several different products, out review experts have found the most effective male enhancement supplement out there is Viritenz. This sexual enhancement pill is made using a potent blend of herbal ingredients like ginseng, tongkat ali, maca root powder and L-arginine, and more which have been proven to be effective in men with sexual issues like low testosterone levels, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Viritenz is made in an FDA-approved facility and follows up-to-date Good Manufacturing Practices in order to protect consumer safety and ensure the product is effective. To learn more about the benefits of Viritenz and how it can improve your sexual health, click on the link provided here.

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