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Janet Jackson Hates Working Out

Janet JacksonActress and singer Janet Jackson recently discussed her healthy habits in an interview with Health magazine. Jackson confesses that she hates working out, but loves her personal trainer. “He knows I love sports and games, so that’s how he gets me. We’ll do obstacle courses. He said recently, “You’ve got to lift.” But right now, I just want to run and do ab work. So I’ll run for maybe an hour.” To make her workout more bearable, she also listens to music or watches movies while on the treadmill.

Once a vegan, Jackson has decided to make some modifications to her diet. “My trainer is constantly in my ear about not getting enough protein, so I started eating fish,” she said. “When we were growing up, all of us kids were vegetarians. No one had asked me to stop eating meat—I just noticed everyone else around me had stopped, so I followed the crew.”

Jackson also shared her thoughts on body-obsession in Hollywood. “It’s one thing to be fitness-obsessed in a positive way, but it’s become too negative,” she said. “I’ve seen photographs of people in bikinis, circled where they have cellulite. But it’s like, look, we’re all human. Some of the thinnest models have cellulite, it’s genetic. I think it’s mean-spirited.”

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January 6th, 2011

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armor capt

dear janet,
I'am your fan here in the Philippines,if you remember me. Whatever is your figure your still beautiful and sexy. Not all thins are sexy but there are chubby women who are overweight but has a sexy body curves. I prefer you stay as what you are not to thin not to fat. I am also an overweight woman f my age of 51 this year. My doctor advice me to exercise and less appetite but I'm lazy t exercise,during my time as an army trainor I used to jog with my trainees 3 kilometers 3 times a day,that's why I am thin and sexy during that time. We'll it's hard for me to go back to my former weight because I'm lazy to exercise. All I can say stay fit and healthy always.
I am happy to know that you are coming to the Philippines this February 4,2011 to do a concert in PICC but unfortunately even if I wish to see you in person I cannot do it because I can't afford to buy the ticket it's too expensive for me. I am one of your avid fan here,evn if I cannot attend your concert I may wish you goodluck and a very happy,happy new year to you specially to your mom and dad,to your beautiful sisters,regards to jermaine and to all your brothers.
Wishing and praying for your success this 2011.
armor capt

posted Jan 16th, 2011 2:36 pm


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