Instaslim Shirt Promises to Shrink Stomachs

instaslim shirtWe’ve just entered the height of diet season. While people make their honest and sincere resolutions for healthy change, there are some companies out there that use not-so-honest tactics to lure those who are especially susceptible to hucksters.

Take the Instaslim shirt for example, which just so happens to be priced at the magic number of $19.95. They are essentially girdles for guys, saying you will “look sharper, stand taller and feel stronger.” Imagine that, wear a t-shirt and suddenly you are stronger. The makers also say you can look up to five inches slimmer. I have no experience wearing a girdle, but I can’t imagine anything taking away five inches from my waistline and not being uncomfortable.

The commercial shows a man’s midsection, who looks to be a good 50 pounds overweight, and turns it magically into the look of a vital, slim and fit person… all by wearing a t-shirt.

Like anything marketed especially to men, the Instaslim promises women will not be able to resist you, even those who know damn well what will be revealed when the shirt is taken off.

I have little doubt that the Instaslim t-shirts are probably flying off the shelves. It’s a free country and people are perfectly free to spend their hard-earned money on something that masks their unfit body, presuming it works comfortably for anyone with more than a few extra pounds around the waist.

What I don’t like is some of the iffy claims and sly wording. For instance, one man in the commercial says that he “lost” three inches from his waist, implying (presumably without legal implications) that he actually lost weight. These sort of products also perpetuate the quick-fix mentality we have in today’s society and the avoidance of dealing with reality. If you want to get past January with your New Year’s resolution, that’s a recipe for disaster.

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