iCore iPhone App Ideal for Men’s and Women’s Fitness

icoreUsing the iCore Fitness program, via the iPhone, is like having your own personal trainer without the expense. With six different applications offered, the entire iCore program is a vital and energetic use of your iPhone in an exercise setting.

Three programs for women are offered:

And three coordinating programs for men:

All narrated by personal trainer and acclaimed kinesiologist Alexandra Laws, the  iCore Gym Women’s and Men’s Beginner Program A application consists of simple-to-perform exercises that train each major muscle group. With six easy-to-follow video exercises demonstrated, each workout walks you step-by-step with simple vocal instructions breaking down every move to help assure correct form. After all, exercises done with incorrect form can have much different results than those desired. I am especially fond of the video segments, for I find it helpful to watch (sometimes over and over!) to master the correct form. Watching many different versions demonstrated by non-professionals at the gym can lead to injuries – but I’m assured that the form on the iCore program is correct.

icore stretchThe iCore Stretch program has 12 stretching videos with a break down of each move so that it is easy to follow. Each video walks you step-by-step through how to do each stretch to assure correct form and maximize the effectiveness. Each stretch video can be easily accessed from a carousel or they can all be played in sequence, which is my favorite way. After I completed the entire stretch sequence, I felt very warmed up and ready to begin my exercise routine. As much stretching as I’ve done in the past, I found that by using the iCore, I found muscles that I had never stretched before. Also, ouch.

Each app consists of a “How to Use” guide, “dos and don’ts” summaries for each exercise, and an exercise description table.  In particular, I found the “dos and don’ts” section to be helpful, and I was shocked to find out that I’d been doing one exercise with incorrect form – no wonder I wasn’t getting the results I desired!

With the iCore applications, you can maximize your workouts, utilize your time effectively, and be certain that you are executing the exercises correctly – a win in my book!

Check-out iCore for the iPhone and choose the one that’s right for your fitness goals!

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