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Heavy is A&E’s New Weight Loss Reality Show, Premiering January 17

A&E will be premiering its newest documentary television show on January 17, 2011. This new show is called Heavy and will follow the emotional and physical transformations of 22 individuals who are extremely obese and face life-threatening health consequences as a result of their obesity.

Heavy is similar to The Biggest Loser because everyone on the show desperately wants to improve their health by losing weight. But that’s where the similarities end. Unlike The Biggest Loser, the people on Heavy are not competing for money or fame. The only thing they want to win is a higher quality of life for themselves and their families.

Each week the show follows two people on their weight loss journeys over a six month period. This gives viewers the chance to see the unique challenges and obstacles each individual must face on his/her journey to better health.

The individuals who will appear on Heavy will share their darkest moments with the entire world; this makes them strong individuals and shows their dedication to improving their health.

The first episode will feature Tom and Jodi, both 37. Tom is 5’9″ and weighs 638 pounds. Tom’s battle with his weight started in high school, when he dropped out of school and quit the high school football team. His depression lead to a steady weight gain, which today, makes it nearly impossible for him to even get in his own car.

Jodie is 5’6″ and weighs 363 pounds. She recently suffered a stroke, a complication of her obesity. Jodie has two children and is unable to keep up with them. Her obesity is keeping her from living her life and being with the ones she loves.

Other individuals who will appear on Heavy include Bill and Sallie, both of whom weigh 443 pounds. Bill can’t buy clothes that fit him, is too embarrassed to date, and wants to improve his relationship with his son. Sallie is unable to fit into movie theater seats and restaurant booths. Her car seatbelt doesn’t fit and she is unable to be the mom to her son that she wants to be.

Every story that will appear on Heavy will touch your heart and inspire you with the determination and effort put forth by these individuals. Watch the trailer on A&E’s website and catch the series premiere on January 17, 2011 at 10/9C.

by Kelsey Murray

January 3rd, 2011

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I am a runner of 15+ years and know that when I have an extra 5 pounds of water weight my runs are harder....I cannot IMAGINE carrying another 2-3-4 or even 5 of myself on top of my normal weight. I have not had fast food or a soda in over 20 years and am SO glad for it. Bad food is pushed and advertised on us so much and it is a lifestyle choice to just not eat it - I am sorry but FORGET fast food in moderation - would you ingest Draino in moderation? Same thing - poison - even the cakes at Safeway - cakes have flour, water, eggs, butter and sugar - not an ingredient list that is miles long - if you cannot pronounce EVERYTHING in it and if your grandmother would not recognize all the ingredients - PUT IT BACK on the shelf - I hope these people can make the change and turn the corner to a long healthy life.

posted Aug 25th, 2011 3:37 pm

Shadey Blakeway

I think it's so amazing what this show is doing for the people! It's so encouraging and it brings hope to people around the world. Watching people not giving up like that, desperate for change, for a second chance, is captivating and inspirational! Anyone can be encouraged to try harder, to give it all and never give up, to live. Even people who are not obese, and have no idea what those people are actually going through, like me. I take my hat off to them! Well done to the people who made this show, and to the people who make this show!

posted Jun 20th, 2011 6:21 am


Brave individuals with good coaches and trainers.......Wish they did not always feel the need to go to extremes on TV and in Movies to talk about Obesity...But "Drama is Drama". I guess...
The participants should be proud ....What will be interesting is 'after the fact' and the enablers with Tom's family....

posted Jan 18th, 2011 9:35 pm

Pat Dempsey

I hope that you can pass along my admiration for both Tom and Jodi for their hard work, determination and belief in themselves! They have no need to thank anyone; they made the decision to try, they did the work to make it happen. Certainly one of the most impressive and inspirational two stories I've ever been privileged to see!!
Keep up the awesome work - you both are very special people!!
All Success to You Both - Pat

posted Jan 18th, 2011 4:29 am


I saw the ads and cannot WAIT for Heavy. Seriously, it looks amazing. Really hopeful and positive (unlike other weight loss shows, ahem TBL). I heard the participants went to this weight loss retreat Hilton Head Health to lose the weight and from the previews, H3 looks super pretty. Canâ??t wait for Heavy!

posted Jan 10th, 2011 3:23 pm


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