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We have all heard that we should live in the moment. I admit to not having seen the sense of this saying until I began on the path to health and fitness.

The quote really seemed a little irresponsible to me. If I was living in the moment who was taking care of my future? As I began to take responsibility for my nutritional and physical needs the statement became my mantra.

When it comes to healthy eating you must be in the present in order to make the right choices. You can no longer be satisfied to pull up to a drive-thru or to dig your hand in a bag of chips. Those food decisions are poor because they have no nutritional value and are made in a mindless state. Healthy eating takes planning and preparation and it is a wonderful way to begin the practice of living in the moment.

Instead of being annoyed by the amount of time it will take you to prep for a healthy meal, look at it as an opportunity to pamper yourself. Nothing screams spa experience like fresh vegetables and fruits. Toss in some delicious grains and lean meats and suddenly you are zen master spa chef.

I apply this same philosophy when I exercise. When I lace up I relinquish the need to project myself into the next hour or the next day. I make a conscious effort to shut out worrisome thoughts and just focus on my steps, my breathing and the scenery.

The other advantage I have found from adopting this simple wisdom is that when you are living in the moment you are less preoccupied with the urgency of later or tomorrow. This is the same preoccupation that leads us to overeat because we are not paying attention to how much food we are actually consuming. It is that mindset that suggests that we do not have enough time in our busy lives to exercise or take time to nurture and care for ourselves.

By focusing yourself on the now, you will be taking care of your future one precious moment at a time.

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