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Gym Music Playlist of the Week: Astrology Workout

Last week, we told you about the news of a shift in the Zodiac signs. Experts revealed that the Earth’s axis has shifted since the Babylonians set the signs of the Zodiac 3,000 years ago, which means that the signs needed to be shifted.

This apparently only applies to people who follow Eastern astrology, which is based on our relationship to the stars. However, Western astrology is based on our relationship to the Sun. The signs are fixed to the seasons and are hence unchanged.

Whether you take astrology seriously or just enjoy occasionally reading your horoscope purely for entertainment purposes, we thought it might be fun to put together a workout playlist with an astrological theme to it.

What does your day have in store for you? I’m not sure what your astrological reading will be, but I see a fun and calorie-burning workout on the horizon:

Gym Music Playlist of the Week: Astrology Workout

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1. 5th Dimension – Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In

2. Jamiroquai – Black Capricorn Day

3. Kid Cudi – Heart Of A Lion (Kid Cudi Theme Music)

4. Shocking Blue – Venus/the Shocking Blue

5. Prince – Sign ‘O’ The Times

6. Afrika Bambaataa – Don’t Stop…Planet Rock

7. Weird Al Yankovic – Your Horoscope For Today

January 17th, 2011