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Getting in Shape After Baby with Yoga

For any woman who has been pregnant, she knows how difficult it can be to shed those baby pounds. Since the new mom doesn’t have the time to leave her newborn and head to the gym, one of the best ways to get in shape is to exercise in the comfort of her own home.

Yoga is a fabulous way for any new mom to drop a few pounds because it accomplishes a few things:

1) It increases your heart rate and gets your moving, two essentials for losing weight.

2) Yoga reduces stress. Postpartum is one of the most stressful times in a mother’s life. Yoga’s focus on breath work will help to calm even the most harried of new mom’s minds.

3) Restores alignment. The woman’s body goes through a mind-blowing transformation during the sacred 9 months of pregnancy. Yoga can help coax the body’s ligaments, tendons and muscles back into their pre-pregnancy positions through its many and versatile postures.mommy and me yoga

Here is an informative Postpartum Yoga video by nationally-recognized yoga instructor, Shiva Rea.

Remember that before you resume your workout routine, whether it be yoga or jogging, you must get clearance from your doctor. When your child is just a few months older, look into taking Mommy and Me yoga classes. These classes, which are popping off all over the country, are great ways for moms to connect with their little ones and reap the many benefits of yoga.

Keep in mind that your post-baby body will feel (and look) tremendously different than what you are used to. One of the primary lessons of yoga is teaching us how to accept our bodies, regardless of shape or weight. Be sure to be gentle and compassionate with your mind and body as you make this transition.

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