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FitBloggin’ Ticket Giveaway

UPDATE: On 2/1/10 we drew and notified the two winners. Congrats to “Karla” and “Amie,” and thanks to everyone who participated.

Hey all you fitness and health bloggers! We’re going to FitBloggin’ 10, are you? fitbloggin tickets

We really want you to be there with us, so we’re offering up free conference tickets to two bloggers. Two people will each receive one conference ticket, you just have to tell us how badly you want it! Respond in the comments below and let us know why you need/want/have to go to FitBloggin’, and why one of these tickets, valued at $99.95, should belong to you.

It’s that simple!

Two individuals will be drawn at random on February 1, 2010 and notified at that time.

Being organized by a friend of, Roni from, “The FitBloggin’ conference is for all those that blog about fitness, wellness, good food and a healthy lifestyle.” The goal is “To educate, inspire, share, network, and learn how to blog your way to a healthier you.”

FitBloggin’ will be held in Baltimore March 20, 2010. is proud to have two names on the roster:

  • Heather Ashare will host a free Yoga For Bloggers session that morning, and the first 25 attendees will receive free yoga mats in a handy carrying case.
  • Carmen Staicer, our Chief Mom, will be speaking on a panel called “Using Social Media to Reach Goals: The Power of an Online Community”.

You can see the robust roster of other FitBloggin’ speakers here, including the keynote by David Grotto, RD, LDN, author of the newly released 101 Optimal Life Foods.

DISCLAIMER: Eligibility requires a comment posted on this blog post by January 31, 2010. The prize of one ticket to each of two individuals will be drawn at random on February 1, 2010. Winning individuals will be notified via the email address provided in the comments form. is not responsible for lost or stolen packages, nor failed shipments due to user providing an incorrect address. may replace the prize with one of equal value if prize is not available; not redeemable for cash. Prize value is $99.95. All other accommodations and travel expenses are the responsibility of the ticket holder.

January 15th, 2010

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R Hicks

I would really like to attend. I am a newbie when it comes to blogging and I would LOVE to learn all of the secrets that make blogging successful

posted Jan 31st, 2010 9:31 pm


i need the tickets badly

posted Jan 31st, 2010 3:33 pm


In order for me to have more children I have to loose more weight. I know that by going I would be able to get the ideas I need and then put them in my life. I would also then be able to inspire others to get more active. I am also blogging about my weight loose ups and downs now and this would be a huge plus to be able to go! I am a part of Mamavation and I a lot of friends going what a great way to see them and to interact with them.

posted Jan 28th, 2010 11:42 pm


I'd love to attend FitBloggin. I'm a weight loss success story who used online tools and blogging to get me to my goal and would love to share ideas with like minded individuals.

As well, it would be nice to represent Canadians :P

posted Jan 28th, 2010 1:42 pm


I would really like to attend Fit Blogger! I began my weight loss journey to a healthier lifestyle after my third child was born in Fall 2008. At that time, I started writing for The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans. I have lost some pounds but am still journeying towards my big goals- running a 1/2 marathon with my fellow sisters and becoming even more fit. I think Fit Bloggin would open my eyes to even more possibilities and educational opportunities.

posted Jan 25th, 2010 8:25 pm


Would LOVE to go to FitBloggin!!

posted Jan 25th, 2010 8:19 pm


I would love to win a ticket to go to fitblogger. I am right around the corner!!

posted Jan 25th, 2010 7:52 am


I would love to be able to go -- and it's very close to me. Thanks for the opportunity!

posted Jan 22nd, 2010 11:48 pm

Amie Adcock

It would absolutely make my 2010 if I had a ticket to this fabulous event!!
I am finally gathering up the courage to escape from the corporate desk-job world, and have already begun my transition.
I am a fitness and nutrition blogger at and need help getting my blog off to the right start!
I am also a beginning personal trainer, and already a group fitness instructor in Philadelphia.
I also tweet under the name @workoutwheez because I am trying to start a personal training and wellness coaching business, and I enjoy hearing feedback from others on my inspiring messages.
I need help getting started and desperately need advice from other fitness bloggers and industry professionals!!
I would be overjoyed at the opportunity to have a ticket to this event, as I do not have the extra cash to purchase one along with travel arrangements.

posted Jan 21st, 2010 10:30 am

Mary Sailors

I would love to go to fitbloggin10! This is my first as a blogger (June 2009) and when I started, I didn't know what in the world I was doing! I didn't know anything about blogs, the web (other than shopping!) or the blogger site, but I knew I had a passion and a message to motivate and encourage people to be healthy / fit!

I am currently on a path to become a certified personal trainer and can't really share my passion for that and struggles with it on the blog due to my current work situation. I would love to share with my readers, this new path and with it new struggles, but am not able. I think fit bloggin' would be a great way to help encourage and motivate me in this .

One of the best ways to become better at something is to be around those who do it best and all the people involved in fitbloggin do that! I would love to spend the weekend with all the wonderful people who work hard at their own health, have been where I am and have so much to share!

It would be a great fill me up & keep my tank full so to say, the weekend would be rejuvenating and encouraging.

Thanks so much for the chance!!

posted Jan 21st, 2010 10:29 am


I want to go to Fitbloggin' because my blog ( is fastly becoming my "I cannot get out of this weight loss struggle rut" and it's driving me nut. :) Plus, I would love to hang out with the other awesome bloggers that are attending!

posted Jan 21st, 2010 10:22 am


I would love to go to Fitbloggin' this year for three reasons:

1) It's practically in my backyard! (OK, not quite, but it's not far.)
2) While I'm not solely a fit blogger, I love blogging about health and fitness topics.
3) I want to meet all those amazing ladies who are going to be there!

posted Jan 21st, 2010 10:19 am


I would so love to win a ticket to Fitbloggin'! I blog at with a friend; both of us are desperately trying to get ourselves healthy and fit. We are moms with two kids each, and have been around the block enough times that we know we can't do it on our own, but only with God's help (hence the blog name).

I could really use the jump start, and I know I'd benefit tremendously from spending time with some of the best fitness bloggers in the interwebs. It'd be a big boost to my self-confidence to be considered a "fitblogger." Plus, I'd take all the wisdom I'll glean from the conference, and post it on my blog to share with the world. I'd love to spread the wealth.

If you believe it, you can achieve it, right? I'm beginning to believe I can win this ticket to Fitbloggin'!!

posted Jan 20th, 2010 7:38 am


I would love a ticket to Fitbloggin. I already will be paying a lot to get me there from SD, so any bit of savings would be great! I can't miss meeting the people who have inspired me to continue working to reach my fitness goals. The knowledge I'll gain through the panels will also help me finally hit my goal.

posted Jan 16th, 2010 11:47 am


I am working a lifestyle change this year and would love to learn more about being fit. I am blogging about it and want to share what I learn with my readers!
This is close enough to where we live that I can drive there and beg some grandma babysitting!!
Thanks for the giveaway!

posted Jan 15th, 2010 3:29 pm


I would absolutely love to be an attendee of FitBloggin' because of my dedication to health and fitness and change in lifestyle. I've been on the journey for quite some time and have hit many speedbumps but this year is my year. This conference would be a benefit to me with all the wonderful & successful bloggers that will be speaking and attending. It's just what I need to be successful.

posted Jan 15th, 2010 2:40 pm


There are a number of reasons I'd love to attend! First - a number of my favorite bloggers will be speaking there. Second - I think it would be a great learning tool for me to optimize traffic to my own blog! And three - its right down the street from where I love! :-) Sadly - with a husband in school and me paying off my school loans, it just isn't a splurge I can afford.

posted Jan 15th, 2010 2:11 pm


I would love to go because I am a fairly young mother of two young children who has been overweight all her life and I want and need to change my life.

posted Jan 15th, 2010 11:19 am


I'd love to go to FitBloggin' It's so close to where I live, but I just can't afford to shell at the cash for it. I want to learn more about how to drum up great blog content from some of the best so a free ticket would be awesome!

posted Jan 15th, 2010 11:17 am


I would absolutely LOVE to win one of the tickets to Fit Bloggin. The sessions seem interesting, but I really want to come so I can meet all the other amazing bloggers out there!

posted Jan 15th, 2010 11:10 am


Oh my God, this is HUGE for me. I just started blogging about my weight loss efforts ( and I'd love to go to FitBloggin! The chance to meet and network with so many stellar health and fitness bloggers would be an amazing way to keep me going on this new mom/work-at-home Weight Watchers mission I'm on. I've already decided to forgo the weight loss milestone rewards I had planned so that I can start saving up to try to go, but winning these tickets would mean the world for me and my financially strapped family.

posted Jan 15th, 2010 10:54 am


OOH I want to go to Fitbloggin' so bad! I just started my blog this year ( and would love to meet other bloggers, learn how to make my blog better and get inspiration for new posts!!

posted Jan 15th, 2010 10:47 am


I want to go because I want to learn from the best fitness bloggers in the biz!

posted Jan 15th, 2010 10:39 am


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