Did Ginnifer Goodwin Irk Weight Watchers?

Ginnifer Goodwin of Big LoveBig Love actress Ginnifer Goodwin’s comments in Health magazine may have ruffled some feathers at Weight Watchers. Although Goodwin is not overweight today, she says she had a habit of overindulgence since childhood. In a recent interview with Health magazine, Goodwin said she has been a member of Weight Watchers for 23 years. The actress might have been exaggerating, but 23 years ago Goodwin was only nine years old.

TMZ reports that Weight Watchers responded to the comment defensively. “Under no circumstances whatsoever” can children under the age of ten enroll in Weight Watchers said the company. “Between the 10th and 17th birthday, a doctor’s permission note is needed and the doctor is responsible for recommending a healthy weight goal.” However, Weight Watchers has a major policy change in 2003, so the rules may have been different when Goodwin was younger.

All of Goodwin’s comments about Weight Watchers were extremely positive. “I’m back on it right now,” she said. “It’s the only thing on the planet that doesn’t dehydrate you or just make you miserable.”

TMZ makes its unclear if Weight Watchers was responding directly to Goodwin’s comments, or just commenting on the appropriate age for young people to start their weight-loss program.

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