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Coleen’s Biggest Loser Episode 7-3 Recap

Cupcakes, pizza, tacos… oh my! That could only mean one thing on the Biggest Loser — TEMPTATION! The contestants are teased with the sweet scents of comfort foods such as cupcakes, pizza and peanut butter cups. The team that eats the most calories in five minutes will win a visit home with their trainer. Mandi had a slice of pizza, but is beat by Sione who munches on a pizza and a taco. At home, contestant Carla wins it for the silver bullets with over 2,000 calories consumed. This victory will send Joelle and Bob Harper off to Detroit for a visit home and an unforgettable workout.

In Detroit, Carla finds herself questioning Joelle’s ability to stay in the game with a two pound loss last week. Trying to be sure her partner is working as hard as she can to keep her in the game, Carla loudly tells Joelle to “do what she has to do” to make sure she returns to the ranch at the end of the thirty days.

Tara and Kristin beat the Biggest Loser record with more than 1,000 jumps.

Tara and Kristin beat the Biggest Loser record with more than 1,000 jumps.

Back on the ranch, the contestants meet up with Ali for their challenge. A challenge that is a test of endurance. It’s as simple as this, how long can you jump? The contraption for this week’s challenge resembles a good old-fashioned jump rope. Each contestant is to jump over the passing bar for as long as they can to win this week’s prize, immunity. As the contestants begin to fall out of the game, we’re left with Kristin and Tara to battle it out. The previous record held during this type of challenge was forty minutes and these girls have been jumping for over two hours. After more than 1,000 jumps, Tara takes the prize of immunity again this week.

Every weigh-in we’re left with the feeling that no one deserves to be sent home. It’s the chance of a lifetime to be on this ranch and each contestant lives each day like it’s their last. When Damien and Joelle find themselves below the yellow line, their fellow housemates decide that Joelle isn’t there for the right reasons and making it an easy decision that she should be sent packing. Walking into the elimination room, we are under the impression that there’s just no hope for Joelle. Joelle receives the first four votes. One more vote and it will seal her fate, ultimately eliminating the silver team from the competition. Shockingly, the votes seem to take a turn and one-by-one, Jillian’s team reveals that they are voting for Damien. Damien is eliminated and we catch up with him and teammate Nicole to see they are doing fabulously to date. The couple get their engagement photos taken and look forward to standing on the scale at the finale and at the alter in the best shape of their lives.

January 21st, 2009