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Coleen’s Biggest Loser Episode 7-1 Recap

In this week’s episode of the Biggest Loser we are introduced to 11 new teams that are about to change their lives. Among those teams we have the heaviest female (Carla), the heaviest contestant (Daniel) and the oldest (Jerry and Estella) and youngest contestant (Mike) to ever compete. A few firsts for The Biggest Loser.

Jillian and Bob arrive and the teams are made. Before anyone even gets to training we see Jerry from the white team have a health scare as he passes out while the athletic trainer is taking his pulse. Jerry tells his wife, Estella, that he’s feeling out of it and passes out. We find out that Jerry had a drop in his blood pressure causing him to pass out. Thank goodness he’s OK!

biggest loser 7The teams head off to their first challenge where they are to race from one end of a downtown Los Angeles bridge to another. But don’t forget about the 250,000 pound sand pile blocking their path! The contestants must arrive at their team colored flags and it’s not until both team members have arrived that they can race back. After three rounds the final two teams will compete for a worthy prize of immunity at the next weigh in. I know from experience that immunity is like having a golden ticket! We see the yellow and black teams compete neck-to-neck in the final round. The black team wins the challenge by the skin of their teeth! Literally! A hand is what got the black team across the finish line first! Great work!

Working out with Jillian and Bob is no walk in the park and the teams experience their first workout in the Biggest Loser gym. There’s puking, sweating, crying and screaming. All sounds that one would typically hear on a regular day on the ranch! Jillian dares her team to quit as Bob reminds his team that today is the day to take action in their lives.

During the first few moments of the weigh-in, Ali decided to deliver some crucial news. There will be NO elimination tonight. That’s right! No elimination. But by the look on Jillian’s and Bob’s faces, we know another twist is about to be revealed. There’s no elimination because nine contestants below the yellow line are going home tonight. Whaaaat?! After everyone weighs in, we see some record breaking weight loss! The brown team blows away the competition with a 6.60 percent, putting them above the yellow line and safe from elimination!

After an emotional discussion among themselves, the nine teams head into the elimination room to tell Ali who will be heading home. Leaving the ranch tonight were: Shanon, Sione, Laura, Aubrey, Nicole, David, Carla, Cathy and Estella. They have a chance to return in 30 days if their teammates are still in the game. An episode full of twist, turns and lots of emotion! To the at home contestants remember, “it’s not how many times you’ve been knocked out, it’s how many times you get back up!”

January 7th, 2009