Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum is a daily moisturizing product designed to make the skin appear fresher, younger, and healthier. Their advertising claims that it is useful for removing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, dark splotches and melasma. They also say that it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, boost collagen production, and leave user’s faces brighter and more UV-resistant.

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Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum Ingredients and Side Effects

This is the only skin care product that our review team has ever encountered that does not list a single ingredient in their blend. There is not even a hint as to what the main basis of their ingredient blend is, only generic descriptions of positive effects that any skin cream might have.

Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum says that it improves circulation to the skin, collagen production, moisture retention, and fights antioxidants. While all of those are highly beneficial effects for a skin care product to have, they can all be accomplished by a wide variety of different ingredients, some of which are perfectly healthy, others of which are not.

Some ingredients that less scrupulous skin care companies use can include known carcinogens, chemicals that can damage the live, kidneys, and heart, or even just additives that leave the skin dry and damaged instead of repairing it. Many users have allergy issues that they need to make sure they do not aggravate, and beyond that it is impossible to know if you are using high quality materials that are effective for skin care needs or just a product that’s stuffed low quality fillers.

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Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum Quality of Ingredients

Not choosing to publish their ingredients list is a problem in a number of ways. It means a user can’t tell if a product is safe or unsafe, effective or ineffective, and comparison between brands is impossible.

The most reputable brands are eager to publish their ingredients lists because they want consumers to see that they are using the healthiest, most reliable ingredients. This allows consumers to easily compare one product to the other and find the one that uses the highest quality ingredients, charges a fair price for them, and is effective for their specific skin type.

Granted not all consumers will be looking at every single ingredient on every single product, however if a company chooses to publish their ingredients then the fact of the matter is that a user could research any one of them. It is a sign that the manufacturer stands by their product and honestly believes it can be effective.

So we are ultimately forced to ask why would Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum choose not to publish their ingredients? It is impossible to know for sure the motivations behind any individual’s actions, however generally in the skin care industry this happens because the manufacturer knows that they are making a sub-standard product that cannot hold up to scrutiny.

Most commonly when this happens, however, a company will generally still publish at least one or two key active ingredients to demonstrate that there is at least something worthwhile in their ingredient blend. The fact that Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum cannot name even a single effective ingredient should be seen as a significant warning to consumers that their product is not trustworthy.

Consumers are encouraged to remember that what you put on your body affects it and becomes a part of it, just as much as the food you ingest. Your body processes things differently that way, but the chemicals in a product will still end up as a part of your skin, leeching into your bloodstream, getting processed by your kidneys and liver, and possibly even contacting your brain – for better and worse.

No reasonable person would ever eat a meal if they did not know a single ingredient in the meal – that would be dangerous for any number of reasons – and it is no different with the products you apply to the outside of your body.

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The Price and Quality of Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum

If the lack of a published ingredients list is not reason enough to be suspicious of Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum, their lack of a straightforward pricing structure should be. Most normal products can be purchased on a per unit basis for an easily visible price, however that is not the case with Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum.

Rather than being able to buy their products outright, Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum’s website keeps pushing visitors to sign up for a free trial offer. What users may not realize is that by signing up they are actually enrolling in a monthly subscription program that actually costs $99.95 per month – a price would make Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum one of the most expensive skin care products on the market today.

The information that this is what consumers are actually signing up for is buried in a terms and conditions link on the bottom of the Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum website that is not visible unless the user is actively looking for it. In this lengthy legal document there are also stipulations that customers are also charged if they try to cancel the program, if they try to return the sample, and if they try to return the sample.

In short, there is nothing “free” about the “free offer.” Users will end up paying in some manner for all products that they receive from Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum.

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Business of Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum

This is not a typical or acceptable business model, however Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum is one of a network of companies right now that are doing the exact same thing. All of these companies seem to be run by the same parent organization, however they frequently change their name to avoid customers catching on to their scam.

Some of the many names that this organization operates under are Skin Technologies, Coal Cosmetics, and L’Amour. The name that the parent company of Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum gives is Satin Youth, and they list their contact information as:

Phone Number: (855) 337-5679

Address: 1812 W. Sunset Blvd. #34

St. George, Utah 84770


There are hundreds of formal complaints filed against Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum with both the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission, however it is unclear what, if any action will be taken against the organization. Their strategy of frequent rebranding and lack of a central head office make it hard for them to be tracked or prosecuted because as soon as one brand starts attracting negative attention they simply change its name and start all over again.

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EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using anti-aging creams for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum

There are thousands of reports from angry consumers about the various brands of skin creams that this organization produces, as well as hundreds for Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum in particular. The vast majority of complaints are from consumers claiming that they feel duped by the business model, however there were also quite a few complaints about the skin cream itself. Those responses were often similar to these:

“This is by far the single worst skin care product that I have ever used. I am shocked that this stuff is legal to give to humans.”

Blossom ruined my skin! After two weeks I started growing these weird little nodules – not pimples, tougher and knottier – all over my face and neck.


The most common complaints about Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum itself were that it was ineffective, that it burned upon application, that it caused breakouts, that it dried skin out, and that it made users look older.

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Conclusion – Does Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum Work?

Our goal is to help our readers find a skin care product that meets their specific needs – whether those are smoothing out texture, color correction, or just daily moisturization and care. Regardless of what your skin care goals are, however, Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum will not be effective at helping you achieve them.

Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum does not have a reliable ingredients blend, pricing structure, or reputation online. The list of customers that feel personally wronged by their company is long and still growing. Our reviewers cannot encourage our readers strongly enough to stay away from Blossom Youth Cream – Skin Care Serum, Coal Cosmetics, Satin Youth, and all other affiliated programs.

Only purchase products that will tell you what is in them, make sure that you read the terms and conditions on all your online agreements, and please remember that there is no such thing as a “free” trial.

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