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Biggest Loser Recap Season 9 Episode 3 with Amanda Arlauskas

Week three on the ranch! The cameras go home to visit with the blue team and yellow team as they prepare to come back to the ranch to weigh-in in just two weeks!

Who would have guessed that the contestants were due for a temptation soon? The contestants walk upon Alison Sweeney and two big tables full of M&Ms. Alison explains that it is “student/teacher week,” meaning each team will have a teacher who will be able to work out with Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels all week and use them for their knowledge in weight loss, and a student, who will have no access to the trainers and just use the teacher as a resource this week. For whatever player eats the most M&Ms, they get the ultimate power, to choose who of each team will be the teacher and who will be the student. The twist is that only the student’s weight will represent the team on the scale this week. Sherry Johnston of the pink team won eating two M&Ms for a total of only 10 calories!curtis stone biggest loser

The teacher’s meet with Curtis Stone for a teaching lesson on cooking healthy meals. This is valuable so it can help them not only this week, but in the upcoming weeks on the ranch. He shows them how to prepare a healthier version of a restaurant favorite, Chicken Cacciatore.

This week’s challenge is for each teacher to unwind 1,000 feet of ribbon around a playground. The student is then blindfolded and guided by the teacher around the playground to untangle the ribbon that has been knotted up and tangled each and every way. The gray team wins giving them immunity for the week. They also win the chance to reverse the white team’s contestant weigh-in, making Michael Ventrella‘s weight count this week instead of Maria Ventrella‘s. With only 10 pounds representing the white team’s weight loss, they fall below the yellow line. As per wishes by Maria, she is sent home leaving her son to compete another week.

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January 20th, 2010

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You are just tooo cute!! You look wonderful Amanda and Happy!!

posted Jan 28th, 2010 11:08 am


I was shocked to see Jillian leave the gym and follow Migdalia, but it is good she did I think, but I've never seen her do that! :)

Oh yeah, I think BOTH the blue and yellow team should get to stay, or at least one of each team? I don't know, just seems unfair that they don't get at least one whole week on the ranch...

posted Jan 23rd, 2010 12:45 am


I thought it was a good episode. I do wish the Curtis Stone bit hadn't just been an ad for canned tomatoes...I usually enjoy seeing him more.

I thought it was good that Migdalia was working through some issues. She seems to be making progress just not immediate progress...I hope she can overcome her demons and also realize Jill is trying to help her not insult her.

Red team off the trainers by throwing a weigh in two weeks in a row out of strategy.

I'm glad that Michael stayed. He needs to be there more than his mom. His mom is being a bit whiney with the whole fear of water crap and I have a feeling she's overbearing with Michael which may be holding him back from seeing himself as his own person. I bet it will be good for him to lose her as a crutch.

Grey team is continuing to impress, I'm happy with them.

The challenge seemed much easier than most challenges, not very physically demanding for a TBL challenge, more like some other reality show.

The prize for the temptation was not that great IMO. The challenge prize was much better. No wonder nobody wanted to eat the M&Ms.

Glad to see that Blue and Yellow are still working hard, should be interesting to see them at the return weigh-in.

Overall the teams worked well with the teacher/student challenge. I was surprised that everyone had such good numbers this week.

posted Jan 21st, 2010 4:41 am


So much drama this week! It was kind of refreshing, although I never like seeing "the game" played to that degree. I appreciated Jillian working so hard with Migdaila and hope that she's able to make a breakthrough soon. As for Michael, maybe Maria's departure will be good for him. I really want to see him succeed... but agree with Maria (in her interview) that you don't lose 10 pounds in a week by being lazy.

posted Jan 20th, 2010 3:32 pm


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