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Brooke Randolph

Brooke Randolph

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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Brooke is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, practicing in Indiana, where she works with adults and children as a personal therapist, life coach and educator. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Anderson University and a Master's degree in Community Counseling from Ball State University. Her career has allowed her to serve individuals in many capacities, and she's also experienced with eating disorders in pre-teens/teens, adoption preparation, providing mental health therapy during disasters, stress management and other professional services. At, Brooke will help educate readers about the connection between mental health and nutrition and exercise.

When not working closely with her clients, you can find Brooke burning up a dance floor! She's a wildly talented dancer, teaching and performing salsa; she is also trained in belly dancing, cha cha, mambo, swing and others.

Fun Facts About Brooke

I Never Leave Home Without my cell phone

Where I'd Rather Be traveling the world

My Bragging Rights I am my own boss before turning 28

Personal Fun Fact watch Colts football every week, and probably a couple of other games

Refrigerator Staple tortillas and cheese

My Favorite Healthy Food filet mignon

My Guiltiest Pleasure Pepsi

Song That Gets Me Going in the Gym covers by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Favorite Gym Activity teaching dance classes

Movie Seen Too Many Times to Count Playing by Heart

The Book I'd Read Again nearly anything on my shelves

First Paid Gig babysitting

Accomplishment Most Proud of completed Indianapolis Mini Marathon

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